Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sometimes Life is Hard

I've had the windows open all week. This house gets amazing breezes and I love fresh air in the house. Everything is green and the birds have been music to my soul. 
My Easter Blessings.
Our Easter weekend started off with a bang with Sebron in the ER most of Friday. I was out running with the kids and his boss called me saying they were taking him in because he was in so much pain he could hardly stand or walk by himself and was blacking out.

I’ll back up a bit- Tuesday he pulled something in his back while shoveling hog feed. He came home and said his back was hurting but was otherwise fine. Wednesday he came home at lunch feeling horrible and spent the rest of the day in bed and throwing up. I was certain he had the stomach bug. Thursday he dragged himself to work and dug ditches and laid pipe all day. He called me a few times saying he felt wretched. He came home, took some ibprophin and went to bed. Friday I woke up to hear him singing in the shower. I sent up a prayer of thanks that he was feeling better. He made everyone breakfast and the morning was normal. He said he was feeling better.
Meme blessed us with their outfits and Jancsi was thrilled with his tie. 
Two hours later I got the call. I threw the kids and the jogger in the car and rushed to meet them at the hospital. Sebron was in a lot of pain and could hardly talk. He was very nauseous. They did blood work and a CAT scan which all came back normal. After a shot for the pain started sinking in, Sebron started feeling more himself which relieved me. The verdict from the doctor was that he had strained muscles in both his lower back and abdomen. They sent us home with pain meds and orders to rest.
My girly in her hang out while I mow the lawn.
I am so thankful it is not anything more serious, but did not expect strained muscles to be such an ordeal. Sebron has been in a lot of pain and discomfort since then. He hasn’t been able to work and even lifting Laughter causes him a lot of pain. I think it’s going to be a slow recovery. I hate seeing him hurting.

Then to add to the fun, Jancsi threw up last night and Laughter joined in this morning. They were exposed to some friends who had recently had the stomach bug. So far so good and other then a load of laundry they seem to be doing ok.
Jancsi and Amos- a boy and his puppy. 
Someone made the comment to me today if I thought the devil was after our family since we all just had the stomach bug a month ago, Sebron’s been sick a lot this winter/spring and now his back and the kids are puking again. I’ve thought about it a lot today. At first I am not going to lie, I was offended. My pride was hurt that someone might think our family was walking in some type of sin that the devil was allowed to go after us. (Of course I am not sure if this is what they were thinking but that’s where my mind went.) I mentioned it to a friend and he made a great comment: “Technically, in the Bible it says he’s going after all of us.” So true.

“Neither this man nor his parents sinned,” said Jesus, “but this happened so that the works of God might be displayed in him.” -John 9:3

We all know the story of Job, he had everything and in a matter of a day, everything was taken from him. All his wealth, his loved ones, his children. “There was a man in the land of Uz, whose name was Job; and that man was blameless and upright, and feared God and shunned evil.” –Job 1:1

I don’t agree that every sickness or problem in our life is caused because of our sin or because we’re not righteous enough. This is a fallen world and something bad stuff happens. Sometime life is rotten. Sometimes you feel like your crawling around in the mud trying to stand only to be knocked back down again.

This past Easter Sunday I was reminded why Christ came. Why He died. Why he rose again. It was for us. For ME! To give me LIFE. To set us free so we could really live! My God who took those nails for me is not going to leave me here in this place. He has a bigger plan. He has a purpose. My job is to seek hard after Him and trust that plan. 

Thank you Father for what you are doing in our family. We might not know the purpose, but we can rest knowing You have it all under control. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Arrrr Matey!

Up until this point, we’ve always had family celebrations at birthdays for the kids. Jancsi this year really wanted a party and I thought he was at a good age to really enjoy one. So he picked a Pirate theme and we jumped off the plank with it. =)
We went to Party City when we were in town last week and he picked out all his pirate gear- plates, cups, a hat and eye patches! He was ecstatic!

We had pirate food (I meant to get a picture) with everything labeled: hot dog boats with sails attached, Scallywags (carrots), Swashbuckle (fruit salad), The Motherload (bean dip), Fish and chips (potato chips with goldfish), Pieces of Eight (baked beans), and Sea Water (blue Gatorade).

We originally had 7 youngsters invited but at the last minute the 4 girls couldn’t make it. So we ended up with an all boy party with just Jancsi and his two buddies- Eli and Hayes. I’m glad I didn’t plan any games because they were completely content playing with all of Jancsi’s toys!
We did have a scavenger hunt/treasure hunt with clues all over the yard and house. Sebron and I came up with 10 clues that Jancsi would know the answers to and the last one led them to the spot where they had to dig for treasure (this was their party favors).
It was hilarious watching these little guys go after the clues and Jancsi kept saying “urrr where is the treasure!” The clues were simple like “Socks and pj’s and pillows too- Mr. Cow sleeps here with you!” (The answer of course was his bed, where the next clue was waiting.)
 photo DSCN5024_zpsfda9b34f.jpg
There was much excitement and yelling when the treasure was spotted and the digging began. We’d gotten little shovels for them so they each had one. The first few minutes there was dirt flying everywhere and the boys were getting it thrown in their eyes as they frantically dug. So Sebron had to get in there and help out a bit. =)
 photo DSCN5026_zps80ac469c.jpg
The box was uncovered and the treasure divided! So much fun! After cake was eaten and presents opened, all our friends had to go home. We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out as a family (a rare treat) and ended the day with a movie: The Great Mouse Detective! So blessed with this boy and feeling accomplished with our first kid birthday party a success!
(Our attempt at a Pirate family picture....)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Big Three

"Is it my Birthday yet?"

I have heard this question literally every day since, like, Christmas. What an awesome age this is! People try to scare you with the 'terrible twos and three' stuff but they always leave out the awesome stuff. Jancsi is totally at an age where he gets birthdays. He gets holidays and special occasions. He looks forward to them, wakes up talking about them and goes to bed asking how much longer.... He knows Daddy's and Laughter's birthdays come before his so he has been waiting for their celebrations to be over so it can be all about him. =)

Today I got to answer "YES! It's your Birthday!!" My big guy is 3 today. Where did the time go? There is so much to say about my favorite boy. He is smart. I never have to tell him twice. He gets it. He is sensitive and caring. He lives for the outdoors and all things tractors and machines. His favorite pass time right now is fishing. He found an old fishing rod (with no string) here at the house when we moved in and every day goes to fish with it in his mud puddle in the back yard. He'll spend hours our there and when I ask he'll reply "No fish today." 

 photo DSCN5006_zps30a6aa41.jpg
He is inquisitive. He wants to know how everything was made and how. We will go for 45 minutes with him asking me questions like "Who makes tractors? Who makes clothes? Who makes rain? Who makes Walmart? He is like a sponge, soaking up everything his mind can hold. 

At lunch asking me "Mommy what are your thoughts?"
He has his own little group of friends at church and story time. He has countless silly faces and expressions that keep me laughing. He loves to sing. Not just sing, but belt out his favorite songs. He loves crafts and painting. He can never have to much paint or glue. 

 photo DSCN5007_zpsea251607.jpg
I love peeking in on him during nap time. Our rule is that he has to stay quietly in bed. I'll check in to make sure this is being followed and he'll throw himself on his pillow and squeeze his eyes shut.....I smile every time. I did the same thing when I was little. 

He is loving- at least twice a day he will come over and throw his arms around me and say "I love you!" He wants to be involved in everything and know why we are doing something. He loves being thrown onto his bed. Wrestling with his Daddy. He loves to help fight the bad guys in the movie we are watching. He'll run for his sword and then 'fight' at the screen until the bad guy has been taken care of. =)

He is careful. He thinks before jumping into things and new situations. He wont even play on the playground if there are a bunch of kids he doesn't know. 

 photo DSCN5008_zps563d8b37.jpg
He wanted to have sleep overs with Mommy and Daddy for his birthday, so last night it was Mommy's night. We must of lain there till 10pm, giggling and talking about how excited he was that his birthday was the next day. Daddy heard us laughing so he checked in to see what all the fun was about. Jancsi immediately sat up and said "No Daddy, go back in the kitchen. This is Mommy's sleep over!" (Good thing I now know the rules and wont peek in on the guys during their sleep over tonight.) 

I cannot say enough about my favorite boy. I love him. I love his heart. His spirit. 

Seek heard after Him my son, all your days. Happy Birthday! 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Mr. Money Bags

Every where we go it seems like people are handing my son money. We went to eat at a restaurant one time and he literally walked out of there with $4 from four different people! Older people in Walmart will stop me and give him a quarter. One guy even handed over a gold coin. Jancsi has got to the point where he just thinks its normal. Like people owe him! lol The last time someone stopped him to hand him a quarter he just took it and slid it in his pocket and kept going. I had to call him back and remind him to say thank you! He has made a few dollars from loading chickens and odd jobs around the farm. But most of his riches have come from hand outs from complete strangers. 

So.... with his birthday coming up, every thing he sees, he wants, and tells me to get it for his birthday. This attitude has given us lots of opportunity to talk about what birthdays are about and that we don't get everything we want... Well he's had his eyes on this blue pair of rubber boots. "For my mud Mom!" So, Sebron and I told him that if he really wanted them then he could spend his money and buy them. The first time I mentioned this to him and I said the words 'your money' he lost his smile and just said "oh". But he quickly grew excited and has talked none stop about buying his boots with his money. 

So today was the day. We went into town and he had all those dollars tucked away in one of Daddy's old wallets. He ran into the store and we headed to the back where, two weeks earlier we'd seen this blue boots in the garden section. As we rounded the corner, there were the watering cans and the gloves....but no boots. I sent up a silent prayer that they would have a pair in my boy's size. After going through the aisles, I asked someone who worked there if they had any more. She looked it up on her little computer thing and said "Sorry they've been discontinued." Oh dear. How was I going to explain this to my little guy when he was so excited. I asked if they had any other rubber boots at all- anywhere. No. 

I knelt down and tried to explain this to Jancsi and he just folded his arms across his little chest. "But I was going to buy boots today." Even though the lady had said they weren't carrying any other boots, I still went through the shoe section to make sure. Nope. 

We had to pick up a few things for Laughter so we headed to the clothing area. As we pulled into the first row of girly clothes, there hanging from the rack was a bright pair of fireman rubber boots. You know, some mom had decided not to get them and didn't want to bother putting them back so she just hung them right there. I quickly glanced at the tag and they were just Jancsi's size! I pulled them off the t-shirt rack and showed them to him. He immediately lit up and LOVED them! Thank you Lord! 
 photo DSCN4988_zps9450dfd4.jpg
He was so excited to pay for them at the register. As soon as we got home he broke them in with all our mud puddles. =)

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Laughter's First Birthday

So many thoughts have flooded my mind and heart today. When I think back to the day she entered my world. We labored all day and all through the night with her not moving the least bit. I was striving for a VBAC, praying for a VBAC. Losing hope. The doctor gave us till 5:15am to get her to move. If not, he was going to do a c-section. At 5am I was completely exhausted and worn out. I was trying so hard to keep the faith. I remember stopping everyone (there were 4 nurses who had deserted their other patients and had been with me and Sebron for the last hour. Pushing me. Encouraging me. Yelling at me.) and saying "Y'all we need to pray." Everyone stopped and I cried my heart out to my Father God. "Lord you have GOT to move this baby because I CANNOT do it. Help me!" And then they all started yelling at me and encouraging me again. =) At exactly 5:15am I will never forget it... One of the nurses screamed and ran out of the room. She flew back in with the doctor and our beautiful, perfect Laughter Grace came into the world at 5:16am!
 photo DSCN4937_zps5deafcc9.jpg
They put her on my chest and all I could do was raise my hands to the sky, tears streaming down my face, "Thank you Lord! Thank you thank you!"
 photo DSCN4959_zps3c7a6c87.jpg
Adding her to our family has been so easy. A confirmation that she was always supposed to be with us.  She has changed so much in a year. One of her favorite things right now is pushing around tractors with Jancsi. He of course is delighted and is teaching her how to make all the appropriate sounds. Another favorite thing (and keeps me laughing) is she crawls around with a bowl in her teeth like a dog with a frisbee. I have no idea where she got this but she thinks it's super fun and hilarious.
 photo DSCN4949_zpsfc2bea1c.jpg
She has 4 teeth now and enjoys throwing food off her tray to munch on later if I haven't cleaned it up first. She loves trying our 'big people' food and pizza crusts are a favorite. =)

She is beside herself to get in the tub at bath time and Jancsi is teaching her how to blow bubbles. She is talking all the time but as of right now the majority of her sounds are 'dadadadadas'. She points at everything and proceeds to tell me a story for everything she points at. She still LOVES horses and goes crazy whenever she sees one. We were at a barrel race yesterday and she was beside herself every time I took her around the horses.
 photo DSCN4954_zps1057bbb7.jpg
She has stood on her own for several minutes but so far is showing no desire to walk. She is proving to be a climber and with our concrete floors she has me a bit worried. She is still a Mama's girl, but enjoys her Daddy time as well. She gets excited when she sees his truck pull in and starts pointing saying "Dada!" She loves to sit with him in his big chair and often times when she is squirmy and unhappy with me I'll hand her to Seeb and she will snuggle in his arms and be content for the longest time.
 photo DSCN4960_zps1e262fa1.jpg
 photo DSCN4961_zps41167a0e.jpg
She has really been changing a lot even in the past week. She wants to interact with people and talk to them. I can't believe my sweet baby is one. I love seeing the little girl she is turning into and her personality blossoming more each day. photo DSCN4979_zps2ddf4e21.jpg
We've had a wonderful family day including our Pastor yodeling 'happy birthday' to her in front of church!

Sweet Laughter, may you grow to love the Lord at a young age. May you always put Him first and seek Him wholeheartedly. May you be filled with joy all your days.
I love you SO incredibly much!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Happy B-day!

Happy Birthday to the Love of my life!

 photo DSCN4731_zpsd9d495bb.jpg

 photo DSCN4736_zpsd7ff6a5a.jpg
Thank you for all you do for us, your family. Thank you for listening when I pour my heart out. For laughing when my jokes aren't funny. For pushing me when I didn't think I could go further. Thank you for taking my hand and going through this life with me.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Colorado Visit

I am forever sure that no matter how much time passes between visits, the Longmires will always be friends we just fall back into life with. Like we never left. The conversations, the teasing, the inside jokes. It all just comes back naturally. It makes my heart happy.

Sweet Laughter.

As we drove to the airport to catch our plane to Colorado my little guy must have asked 100 times, "Mommy is this the road Colorado is on?" The kids did incredibly both flights! I was feeling completely wretched with morning sickness on the way to the airport and I was just crying out to the Lord that I wouldn't lose it on the plane. Thankfully, just a few minutes before we got there I got a second wind and began to feel a bit better. Praise God! 


We were greeted at the airport with hugs from my dear sister Bethany. Her hugs have never felt so good! A lot of life had happened between our last visit over a year ago and although we stay in touch, there is nothing like seeing her in the flesh. 

Our two dirt lovin toddlers. 
The entire week passed way to quickly and thankfully I felt good most of the time! We got some runs in which always minister to my soul. Jancsi and Lily were ecstatic to see each other and their little hug that first night was crazy adorable! They quickly fell back into sibling mode and bossing one another around. =) Laughter and precious Evie were all to happy to let their older siblings be wild and crazy and they enjoyed squawking at one another. 

We had several days of snow which was SO much fun! Jancsi was beside himself and one morning him and Lily went out in their pj's because they just couldn't wait another minute to play in it! 

Feeding horses with Papa up in the mountains.

We spent a day up in the mountain at Bethany's parents beautiful home. (This was the same residence of the Disastrous Thanksgiving of 2012 where we all got that horrendous stomach bug.) It was so nice to have a visit where no one was throwing up!
Jancsi and Papa

Hugs from Beth

The Littles in their matching pink overalls. =)

My favorite part of the entire week was our conversations. What a gift. Just to sit down on the floor surrounded be noisy wonderful children, and just talk. Bethany has always been a friend I can share my heart with. She will listen and she speaks with love and wisdom. I long for our conversations when we are apart. They are so life giving to me. She truly has a gift with words.
The Longmires loved on the entire week. Special breads from our favorite little bread store. Frozen yogurt, movies, fellowship.... I felt so loved every second of our stay. Beth even got little bunt cakes to celebrate the kid's birthdays while we were there. We went to the pool two afternoons and the kids had an absolute blast! 
The fabulous 4
Bethany and I even got to escape (KID FREE!) to a Canvas and Cocktail party! What fun! I'd never been to anything like it before. I'm a horrible artist, so the thought of having to paint an actual picture was slightly terrifying but they actually came out surprisingly cute!
The family, minus Sebron. Love them. 

Lily and I.