Sunday, March 29, 2015

My Man's Birthday

I have so much to catch up on. But first, Sebron’s birthday was the 25th. I love this man. My word I love him. He stole my breath and my heart that first day I saw him pull up in his truck into the apartment parking lot at school. He had his window rolled down and his cowboy hat was pushed up onto his forehead. He had his music blasting. We met for the first time just a week or so later. We talked for three hours that first day. I wanted to be by his side from that moment.
I had a hole in my screen on one of my bedroom windows. He would leave me little notes rolled up and stuff them through the hole. He is way more romantic than me.
Lollipops and feeding cows. 
I can honestly say that since we’ve been married, a day has not gone by that he hasn’t told me he loves me and that I’m beautiful.

I am so incredibly blessed. He is such an awesome Daddy to our kids. He is attentive, supportive, encouraging, and a roll model. He is giving, hard working and loving.
I love our little inside jokes. Just him and me. He can say one little line and I die laughing. To everyone else, we’re crazy, but to us we’re hilarious!

He knows how to calm my fears. He knows when I’m struggling and not sharing everything on my heart. I love how he pulls me close in his arms and asks the questions that go deep and draw it out. He is my safe zone. My protector.

Sebron is a lover. He is constantly smothering me with hugs and kisses. Wrapping his arms around me while I clean the kitchen and whispering in my ear how much he loves me. I’m so glad our kids get to see us like that. All mushy. 
My parents just happened to be in town on his special day and treated us to a KID FREE date! We went all out and we each got our own brownie for dessert! We had no one fighting for bites and we stuffed our faces, came home to apple crisp, and stuffed our faces again! It was glorious!

Here’s to you, My Love. Happiest of birthdays! May the Lord bless you and keep you, may He make His face shine upon you and give you peace. May He make the trail to rise up and meet you. May He bless you with rain and your tanks always full. May your livestock be healthy and your grass green. May you feel His presence with you in the saddle. All my love.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

5 Months {Hayva Joy}

I had every intention of getting Hayva’s 5 month post up ON the 15th, her actual ‘5 month birthday’.  But then at 9pm, I collapsed in bed and told myself I’d do it in the morning…. Well that was two days ago. ;)
Feeding cows.
Hayva is so much fun right now! She is Little Miss Social and is happiest when she is in the thick of things. Her older brother and sister provide endless entertainment for her and I love watching her face as she grins from ear to ear, waving her arms and kicking her feet with pure joy! She is precious!

She grabs at everything in her reach, and most days find me pulling my hair into a pony tail to keep it out of her little fingers. She still growls at everything which is adorable. Still sleeping horribly. Still up every 1-2 hours.

I haven’t technically started solid foods with her yet, although she has had a few tastes of yogurt… By her facial expressions, she wasn’t too sure of the flavor but kept opening her mouth for more. Love her!

She is a little squirmier and is proving to be my most difficult baby to bathe. I normally throw all three in the tub and Hayva is in the middle in her little baby bath sling thing. She gets so excited she thrashes around and kicks her wild legs so that she sinks further into the water and I’m constantly having to pull her up to higher ground. I have to come up with a better system! Lol

She is constantly smiling and Jancsi is the one she always has a giggle for.  He calls her is little girl. Laughter still refers to her as simply ‘baby.’

She is so stinking cute we can’t stand it! She is kissed and squeezed all day! What a gift you are little one! Happy 5 months

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Business Venture!

I’m excited to announce I’ve joined Young Living and am loving Essential Oils! I wanted to write about why I’ve chosen to go with a network marketing company again.

It is humorous to me how I have changed and am changing. I totally used to laugh at all you no sugar eating, carrot crunching, natural birthing, salad consuming, chew bark off trees instead of Tylenol people. I did. (I hope I haven’t offended anyone.) Lol in my mind thats who i am, those things are all great, but in real life I like my cake and am strictly a meatatarian.

But I’m changing. I’m older lol, I’m a Mom. I have three little ones that will learn eating habits and healthy living from me. Yikes. Here I am pursuing a drug, soy and GMO free, grass fed cattle operation with my husband. Shouldn’t I be more concerned about what my family is consuming? So we’ve been changing the past few years. I’ve been serving more veggies, we don’t eat as much sugar, we drink lots of water. We don’t eat out.

So when I first started hearing about essential oils, I immediately put them in that same category as above and secretly giggled. But then I went to an info meeting a friend invited me to. Everything is natural. 100% pure. Oils that treat things as simple as headaches, sore muscles and help you sleep. Others that help with maintaining blood pressure, calming and up lifting, nausea and digestion. This is just the tip of the iceberg! Everything I heard I kept thinking of different people that would benefit. So, I signed up!

I totally believe in the concept of network marketing. Being able to stay at home, be a mom, and have a job opportunity as well is wonderful. I have been praying a lot on this for awhile. Asking the Lord to bring something my way that would allow me to help our family financially but something that would still allow me to be a stay at home mom.

I am most excited about learning more about all the different oils and how they can benefit my family. If it turns into something more, that’s awesome! But hopefully my family will be healthier for it!

I have done network marketing before, I sold Mila, a whole raw food. I loved the product, but I wasn’t ready for my own business. I wasn’t sure or confident in myself. I feel totally different this time! I’m so excited to share these amazing oils so bare with me as I do occasionally on here and my facebook page!  

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Good Day

Today was a good day. A productive day. Every day is productive, but some days you just feel so good after getting things done!

The kids and I made it to story time at the library. We hadn’t been it in a few weeks due to all  this crazy snow and ice we’ve had recently. We’d all missed it. The kids for the good time, me for an adult conversation. ;) The whole hour was on trains which was right up Jancsi’s alley. The craft was building a trail out of toilet roles and he was so focused and spent a long time painting and gluing.  I think the kids were just as refreshed as I was after getting out of the house for a bit.
The new girls: Yogurt and Lollipop.
I had to feed the goats when we got home and since Hayva was sleeping in her carseat, I let the older two put on their rubber boots to help me. I spent maybe 5 minutes with the goats. I ended up taking the other two back and exchanging them. Our new girls are a bit older. Just weaned from their Mommas. They are still tiny little things and I love their markings. Yogurt and Lollipop were left alone in the field before we got them so they are pretty wild. We’ve had them a week and they will come up to eat feed while I sit right there. They are still pretty skittish, but we are making progress. Jancsi and Laughter got completely covered in mud in the five minutes I was with the goats. I had to stripe them down to diaper and underwear before going inside.
Feed time.
While the kids all napped I got a run in on my treadmill, got my workout in and had a lovely conversation with one of my sisters on the phone.

I got a cleaning urge and scrubbed all the floors in the kitchen and entryway with Theives. I’m in love with it! All natural, germ killing king! Our floors were so bad with all this mud we have after that snow.
Cleaning stalls: mud, poop, and more mud.
We spent a good bit of the afternoon down at the barn helping Sebron. He was working the colts and I took the kids to clean out the stalls in the barn. We’ve had a few pairs of momma cows with calves in there due to the cold weather and some that were having nursing troubles. Anyway, after just a few days, they reeked havoc on the stalls. What a mess. It took Jancsi and I a good hour just to clean one!
Mom Fail: I had to keep telling Laughter to stopp picking up poop with her hands.
It’s now getting late and Sebron is at team roping practice. The kids are all asleep, I’ve done a deep clean on the kitchen and the dishes are put away. I’ve done like 40 loads of laundry, maybe not that many, but seriously, the machines haven’t stopped all day!  Now I’m in bed blogging! See what I mean? A productive day. I feel good.  

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Jancsi's Lemonade Stand

Flea market day…. It seems so far away and we have so much time to prepare things and then BOOM it’s the next day and we’re scrambling to get things in order! I was scrolling through Pinterest the other day and saw this DIY adorable lemonade stand. I thought how cool, I could totally make that out of pallets! Jancsi was more then excited! He’s been talking for awhile now of serving lemonade to his Nana and Meme when he goes to North Carolina this summer. I explained what a lemonade stand was and he of course jumping on the idea and was thrilled.
We turned it into a 'hot coco' stand during one of our blizzards!
We’ve had our fun share of snow days, ice days, freezing days and are now enjoying mud days. So, we’ve been inside a lot. This kinda makes all of us go a lil crazy. So one morning I just decided to do it. Hayva was napping and I let the kids play in the garage while I chopped up pallets. I didn’t actually read the blog or follow the clear and easy instructions… I went into Grace Mode which is totally ‘look at the picture and yeah I can do this!’ It would have been so much simpler if I’d actually taken time to read the DIY directions but I was sure I could figure it out.

I measured some, cut a lot and went crazy with the old hammer and nails. There is not a square corner or a straight board or a perfectly hammered nail in the entire project. It’s extremely rough, but when all was said and done, I actually really like the way it turned out. I like how it’s not too pretty but kind of cowboy style. Primitive….very primitive. Sebron had to help me attach the sides and also was sweet enough to cut an old stair for the counter part. He always puts up with my mad last minute projects.

Jancsi picked out the bandanas for his banner and we painted a yogurt container for his money. Every day this week he has come running down the stairs “Is today yard sale day?”
Such a little salesman. He is totally his Daddy’s son and can talk you into doing business with him. I was still setting up his little stand today when he literally had a line of people wanting lemonade. We had little cups and straws, and I think his favorite part was asking people what color straw they wanted. He was so cute and would say things like “Oh yeah! Pink, that’s a great choice!” “Yeah green is a good color!” Besides his lemonade he was selling bottled water and lollipops. He sold out of his lemonade in about an hour. The water didn’t last long either and by the end of the day all he had left were two lollipops.

He wasn’t shy at all but would call out to people walking by “Would you like some lemonade?” Of course everyone was so nice and never said no. : ) He would hand them their cup, take their money and say “Thank you for my dollar!” The grandmas were dying. He loved it.

It gave Sebron and I an opportunity to talk to him about tithing and why we give some of our money back to God. He got a few dollars to pick something out from one of the other vendors and the rest will go in his bank.

Jancsi has worked with Sebron and I since day one. He’s been a part of everything and I know it has helped to shape him. Jancsi is our little worker and wants to be by his Dad’s side stacking wood and whatever chore he is doing. He seriously ate up every second of his lemonade stand today. It made me so happy to see him enjoying something we’d built for him. I didn’t care if he only sold one cup. All the splinters and frustration that little stand cost me was worth it!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Goat Expert

Where do I begin? I wanted goats. Simple as that. I have been trying to convince the husband that we need goats for the last few months. I would scroll through craigslist and local facebook pages. But no way was I going to pay $150 for ONE goat! This was the price tag I was seeing for just your average field/pet goat. No papers, not show quality, just pets. That’s just a bit to expensive for what I was wanting goats for.

So, Thursday afternoon I was looking through the local paper and find a listing for two bottle babies for $50. They were the smaller breed that I was wanting and who doesn’t love a bottle baby?

Sebron just happened to be home on lunch and I spent the entire time convincing him that I was a goat expert. I know everything there is to know on caring for goats. I grew up with them. I bred and raised dairy and pet goats. I convinced him to let me call the number. They were twin nanny goats. Just five days old. The lady was selling them cheap because she was already feeding baby birds that she raises as well as her golden retriever just had a litter of puppies. In her own words “You’re getting a deal on these because I’ve got babies coming out my eye balls and I can’t keep up with them all.”

So Thursday afternoon I piled the kids in the car and we went on our adventure to pick up the goats. The twins were adorable! A little matching set of white cuties. All my memories of being a kid and loving every moment of kidding season came back. The babies running around our playroom, the bottles and milk breath, the way they bond with you and follow you everywhere, the way they jump around….I was smitten. The 20 minutes we were there was spent adoring the cuteness of the twins, listening to the lady as she went over their feeding schedule, trying to keep Laughter from petting the little yippy dogs who were penned up barking at us, and keeping an eye on Jancsi as he went around checking out the husband’s hunting trophies. As the lady was walking around holding them, I noticed that one of the babies had a strange blue eye. I’d never seen a blue eye on a goat before and it wasn’t bright blue but a cloudy color. I thought it was strange but that was about as far as my thought went what with the goats, the dogs, kids, and birds.

I should have left the kids in the car. I should have inspected the twin’s strange blue eye when I first noticed it. I should have really looked them over. The goat expert I claimed to be would have. But instead the girl who loves baby animals and thinks they are the cutest things came out and took over and I wasn’t thinking straight. I paid the lady and piled every kid (human and non human) back in the car and drove home. It was then that I really got the chance to examine the goats.

When I let them walk around the living room, one just sort of stood there and the other ran around with it’s head cocked to one side. I picked them up and went over each of them. The bigger one (that just stood there) had two eyes that mysterious blue color that I had noticed when I picked them up. However now in the better lighting I saw that they were not blue, but clouded over with a dull film. The smaller twin also had one eye that was the same, her other looked normal and bright. Blind. The goats are blind. How could I be so stupid and not pick up on that before I brought them home? I'm not sure if it was a genetic thing that maybe happend if the buck was related to the Mama or something else.

I was so embarrassed and seriously had to eat humble pie when Sebron got home that night. “Hi Hun, I’m a goat expert and you know those twins I begged you to let me get? Yeah they’re blind!” I was mad at myself. Why did I let that girl who loves animals over ride the ag lady who knows the difference between a healthy and sick animal? I’d brought them into my home and let my children get attached. How could I have spent our money on blind goats?

I can’t have blind goats. It’s a safety issue first. They can’t see predators. Then there’s the food and water issue. How does this even work. Yes if they were you’re only pets you could lead them around and make a way, but not on a working ranch. I’m not being heartless, I’m being honest.

I called the lady up and explained what I had seen and asked if she had noticed. She was so apologetic. She confessed that she had not really spent time with them other then feeding them because of all she had going on so she hadn’t noticed. She felt horrible. She didn’t want them back because she didn’t know what to do with blind goats. So she told me just to keep them and she’d give me another set next week when the snow clears.

So, I told Sebron- the good news is that we now have 4 goats for the cheap price of two. The bad news is that half our herd in blind and I’m not sure if they’ll survive.

But, little Mud-Pie and Splash (as the kids have called them) have won a special place in our hearts. So we’ve decided to keep them and we’ll see how this goes. I’m not sure it will work, but we’ll see. We may end up haveing to sell them, they may work out great and be just fine. But for now, they have a warm cozy corner in my laundry room and a couple of kids who think they are the greatest, cutest things.

Friday, February 27, 2015

The Snow he always wanted

Jancsi has been wishing, praying for snow since long before Christmas. We’ve had a pretty mild winter here and have had several weeks with weather in the upper 70’s even 80. He would come up to me in his shorts and tshirt and say “Mommy, I’m still waiting for my big snow. The one that I always wanted.” I was trying to let him down gently. Here we were almost at the end of February and I hated to tell him, but I just didn’t see it happening.

The faith of a child.

It snowed today. It started after breakfast. I saw it come across the fields as I cleaned up sticky plates from pancakes. I called upstairs “Hey Buddy, look out the window!” I heard a patter of feet and a shout “It’s the snow I always wanted!!” I had to smile. He was so excited. I thought for sure it would be gone in a few minutes. Jancsi came running down stairs, pressed his face against a window and declared, “We’re going to get snowed in Mom.” It didn’t stop. It snowed all day until right before super, and it’s supposed to start up again tonight.

In our three years here in Texas, we’ve never got a good snow. It’s always ice or just a dusting. Not enough to do much of anything with. We must have 3 or more inches of delightfully powdery snow.

We bundled up and headed out into our wintery wonder land. Jancsi was beside himself and became a shoveling, snow plowing, snowball throwing maniac. Laughter wasn’t so sure. She liked the idea but froze. She didn’t have any mittens so I forced some big socks on her hands. She hated them but put up with it. Bless her heart she wanted to badly to play but was so cold. She would come up crying saying she was cold. I’d ask if she wanted to go get warm inside and she’d cry “nooo!”

We had so much fun today! We totally took advantage of our Texas snow day. We played, drank hot coco, watched movies, played some more, made cookies, ate cookie batter and then ate a whole pan of warm chocolate chip cookies. Jancsi could have stayed out in it all day, but he put up with me having him come in and taking warm up brakes!

Thank you Lord for blessing my boy with the desire of his heart!