Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Goat Expert

Where do I begin? I wanted goats. Simple as that. I have been trying to convince the husband that we need goats for the last few months. I would scroll through craigslist and local facebook pages. But no way was I going to pay $150 for ONE goat! This was the price tag I was seeing for just your average field/pet goat. No papers, not show quality, just pets. That’s just a bit to expensive for what I was wanting goats for.

So, Thursday afternoon I was looking through the local paper and find a listing for two bottle babies for $50. They were the smaller breed that I was wanting and who doesn’t love a bottle baby?

Sebron just happened to be home on lunch and I spent the entire time convincing him that I was a goat expert. I know everything there is to know on caring for goats. I grew up with them. I bred and raised dairy and pet goats. I convinced him to let me call the number. They were twin nanny goats. Just five days old. The lady was selling them cheap because she was already feeding baby birds that she raises as well as her golden retriever just had a litter of puppies. In her own words “You’re getting a deal on these because I’ve got babies coming out my eye balls and I can’t keep up with them all.”

So Thursday afternoon I piled the kids in the car and we went on our adventure to pick up the goats. The twins were adorable! A little matching set of white cuties. All my memories of being a kid and loving every moment of kidding season came back. The babies running around our playroom, the bottles and milk breath, the way they bond with you and follow you everywhere, the way they jump around….I was smitten. The 20 minutes we were there was spent adoring the cuteness of the twins, listening to the lady as she went over their feeding schedule, trying to keep Laughter from petting the little yippy dogs who were penned up barking at us, and keeping an eye on Jancsi as he went around checking out the husband’s hunting trophies. As the lady was walking around holding them, I noticed that one of the babies had a strange blue eye. I’d never seen a blue eye on a goat before and it wasn’t bright blue but a cloudy color. I thought it was strange but that was about as far as my thought went what with the goats, the dogs, kids, and birds.

I should have left the kids in the car. I should have inspected the twin’s strange blue eye when I first noticed it. I should have really looked them over. The goat expert I claimed to be would have. But instead the girl who loves baby animals and thinks they are the cutest things came out and took over and I wasn’t thinking straight. I paid the lady and piled every kid (human and non human) back in the car and drove home. It was then that I really got the chance to examine the goats.

When I let them walk around the living room, one just sort of stood there and the other ran around with it’s head cocked to one side. I picked them up and went over each of them. The bigger one (that just stood there) had two eyes that mysterious blue color that I had noticed when I picked them up. However now in the better lighting I saw that they were not blue, but clouded over with a dull film. The smaller twin also had one eye that was the same, her other looked normal and bright. Blind. The goats are blind. How could I be so stupid and not pick up on that before I brought them home? I'm not sure if it was a genetic thing that maybe happend if the buck was related to the Mama or something else.

I was so embarrassed and seriously had to eat humble pie when Sebron got home that night. “Hi Hun, I’m a goat expert and you know those twins I begged you to let me get? Yeah they’re blind!” I was mad at myself. Why did I let that girl who loves animals over ride the ag lady who knows the difference between a healthy and sick animal? I’d brought them into my home and let my children get attached. How could I have spent our money on blind goats?

I can’t have blind goats. It’s a safety issue first. They can’t see predators. Then there’s the food and water issue. How does this even work. Yes if they were you’re only pets you could lead them around and make a way, but not on a working ranch. I’m not being heartless, I’m being honest.

I called the lady up and explained what I had seen and asked if she had noticed. She was so apologetic. She confessed that she had not really spent time with them other then feeding them because of all she had going on so she hadn’t noticed. She felt horrible. She didn’t want them back because she didn’t know what to do with blind goats. So she told me just to keep them and she’d give me another set next week when the snow clears.

So, I told Sebron- the good news is that we now have 4 goats for the cheap price of two. The bad news is that half our herd in blind and I’m not sure if they’ll survive.

But, little Mud-Pie and Splash (as the kids have called them) have won a special place in our hearts. So we’ve decided to keep them and we’ll see how this goes. I’m not sure it will work, but we’ll see. We may end up haveing to sell them, they may work out great and be just fine. But for now, they have a warm cozy corner in my laundry room and a couple of kids who think they are the greatest, cutest things.

Friday, February 27, 2015

The Snow he always wanted

Jancsi has been wishing, praying for snow since long before Christmas. We’ve had a pretty mild winter here and have had several weeks with weather in the upper 70’s even 80. He would come up to me in his shorts and tshirt and say “Mommy, I’m still waiting for my big snow. The one that I always wanted.” I was trying to let him down gently. Here we were almost at the end of February and I hated to tell him, but I just didn’t see it happening.

The faith of a child.

It snowed today. It started after breakfast. I saw it come across the fields as I cleaned up sticky plates from pancakes. I called upstairs “Hey Buddy, look out the window!” I heard a patter of feet and a shout “It’s the snow I always wanted!!” I had to smile. He was so excited. I thought for sure it would be gone in a few minutes. Jancsi came running down stairs, pressed his face against a window and declared, “We’re going to get snowed in Mom.” It didn’t stop. It snowed all day until right before super, and it’s supposed to start up again tonight.

In our three years here in Texas, we’ve never got a good snow. It’s always ice or just a dusting. Not enough to do much of anything with. We must have 3 or more inches of delightfully powdery snow.

We bundled up and headed out into our wintery wonder land. Jancsi was beside himself and became a shoveling, snow plowing, snowball throwing maniac. Laughter wasn’t so sure. She liked the idea but froze. She didn’t have any mittens so I forced some big socks on her hands. She hated them but put up with it. Bless her heart she wanted to badly to play but was so cold. She would come up crying saying she was cold. I’d ask if she wanted to go get warm inside and she’d cry “nooo!”

We had so much fun today! We totally took advantage of our Texas snow day. We played, drank hot coco, watched movies, played some more, made cookies, ate cookie batter and then ate a whole pan of warm chocolate chip cookies. Jancsi could have stayed out in it all day, but he put up with me having him come in and taking warm up brakes!

Thank you Lord for blessing my boy with the desire of his heart!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

4 Months {Hayva Joy}

It’s amazing to think back a year and remember what was going on.

We’d just finished Valentines Day. Sebron was riding bulls. We’d just moved into the house at Hudspeth Farm, out of the RV. I remember it so clearly. One year ago today I found out little Hayva was on the way. I remember going in to tell Sebron, he was home from work that day with the stomach bug.

Today, a year later, our littlest is 4 months old. I am treasuring these baby moments because I know now they pass so quickly. My baby is weighing in at 15lbs and is 25 inches long.

Miss Hayva is talking up a storm these days. Just like everyone else in this family, she always has something to say and wants to be heard. Meals times are a real zoo with all five of us talking over one another and the kids just getting louder to be heard. Yikes.

We’ve really been working on tummy time this month to strengthen her neck. I have seen a big improvement and can now say she holds her head straight up and down almost 100% of the time. She had been weak on the one side and held her head sideways.

My little night time buddy is still up at least 4-5 times a night… I am wondering if it would be a good idea to put her in her room at this point to help us get more sleep and maybe help her space out her feedings a bit and learn to sleep longer stretches.

Hayva is my little giggle bug and is starting to laugh at our funny face instead of just having to tickle her to get the giggles out. She adores her siblings and her whole body gets moving with excitement as she watches their every move.

She can’t stand to be left out and at dinner time especially will shriek and yell if I put her off to the side in her bouncer. As soon as we bring her to the table with us she is all smiles and kicking legs.

Hayve has started to reach for toys and has rolled over once. I always like when they can grab at toys and start to entertain themselves.

I have been so blessed with Hayva putting herself on the older kids nap time and bed time routine. This past week she has worn herself out and has gone down for the night before 5pm. I try desperately to keep her up a bit and eek out more time but she is out cold. This of course has her getting up at 3am and talking happily for an hour before going out again before getting up at 5am. I try to block out her happy squeals and sleep, but as a Mom, it’s impossible.

Hayva Joy is such a fun kiddo and we smother her in kisses all day long. I can’t believe how fast these four months have flown by and know all too soon she will be running around with the older two.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Flea Market

I love watching the sun come up in the mornings. Maybe I have to be honest, it would be nice to be able to sleep in once in awhile, but since my kiddos are early risers, so am I. On a normal day, we’ve already eaten breakfast and I’ve begun the making beds and pick up bedrooms routine before the sun has fully shown his face.

I was actually enjoying a quiet moment with my littlest this morning when the warm glow started coming up over the hill outback. It’s small at first, just a hint of warmth. Then all of a sudden it’s there in all its glory! The bright sunshine cascading down this side of the hill and filling the fields with warm light. I watched a line of ducks walk single file down to the pond as they slipping in one by one.

The group of cows out back our calving right now and it was fun to watch a few little new ones running for the first time this morning as the skipped about on wobbly legs in the sunshine. Their tails straight out as they go. Protective Mamas standing by.

I have found myself happy to be at home these days. I’m normally happiest when I have 100 things going on and running all over the place. But there is something special about not having a plan or a routine. Building towers all day with my boy in our pj’s. Reading books to my girly and listening to her stories. Working on tummy time with the baby and just soaking her up. I cannot believe Hayva will be 4 months old on Sunday. These precious baby moments pass so quickly.

This past Saturday was our family’s first time to rent a booth at the big flea market held once a month in one town over. Sebron was selling firewood and mineral tubs (for livestock). I had a bunch of baby/kid clothes I was yard saleing as well as some pallet and wood signs I’d made.

 I Truly find this hilarious because if you’d asked me a few years ago if I did crafts or painted etc I’d laugh in your face. Me crafty? Bahahaa! Seriously. Ask any of my family. Ask my college roommates- they would have ‘Craft Night’ once a month as a roomy bonding time. I dreaded it. Hated it when I saw them excitedly put it on the calendar. We’d go out to Michaels or Hobby Lobby and they would go crazy over all the paints and wooden things. I’d feel so out of place and strange. I’m not artistic. I’m not crafty. I’m not good at stuff like this like other girls. That fear of failing. Of not measuring up. I can't even draw a straight line.

I’ve always loved wood signs. The old barn wood beauties and pallet goodness. I drool over Pinterest and always wished I’d been blessed with a crafty side and ability. I never would try it though. I always had it in my head that I wasn’t good enough. It would be a disaster. I’d made myself fail before I’d even tried it.

Well, of course this year my word is Fearless. So it wasn’t long ago when Sebron mentioned he wanted to sell firewood at the flea market that I decided I wanted to sell something to. I wanted to help out financially if I could. So, I made my first wood sign. It wasn’t perfect, but I had a blast doing it and it didn’t come out as disastrous as I’d expected. So I made another.

My Mother-in-law gave me a bunch of paint for Christmas and Sebron helped me get a load of free pallets from a local Tractor Supply. They were a pain in the neck to take apart and after some research I figured out we needed a reciprocating saw. Well these things cost like $200! No way I was going to spend the money. Two days after lusting over Home Depots saw collection, I get on Facebook and there’s a lady living 5 miles from me selling her reciprocating saw with two batteries and a charger for $40! I love when God drops gifts like that in our laps!

So, with my saw in hand, I have begun to dig deep and search out the creative side in me. It’s there I think, just needs some practice! Anyway, I brought my signs with me to the flea market and would you know, I sold almost every single one?! Not only that but one lady kept going on and on about how much she loved them and how I had a gift. I was so humbled and blown away.

I don’t write this to brag on myself. I look at these signs and most times all I see is the imperfections in them. I tell you to encourage you that when we step out of our comfort zones and try new things, stuff happens! Good stuff! I had told myself all my life that I wasn’t crafty, that I couldn’t do this that or the other. I believed those lies and they become big and scary things to get over. But as you know, this year is all about tearing those lies down. Believing in myself and who the Lord made me to be. Not everything I try will be beautiful, but it will be wonderful!

Monday, February 9, 2015

A Blog Post! ; )

This poor blog. How I have failed you. I promise I have had the very best of intensions to udate and blog and post…. And then life happened. : ) I cannot tell you how many days I’ve told myself, ‘today is the day for a blog post!’ only to go through my day, go to bed, wake up and it’s a week later! Yikes!

They kids are all sick again, well I say sick but we are starting to think its all allergies. We took them in today to get their blood drawn for allergy testing. Poor little things. I had Sebron come with me because I knew I’d need extra arms. He was kind enough to do the dirty deed of holding them down and I did the snuggling and comforting afterwards. We will go in two weeks to hear the results. Although I hope they aren’t allergic to anything, it would be nice to get to the bottom of these runny noses.

I’m on a bit of a fitness craze at the moment. I laughed while typing that because I’m sitting here in bed, in my jammies eating a bubble gum lollipop! But besides the pop, I’ve been hitting the workouts hard this week! I do better with motivation and accountability, so I started a facebook page where I will be having fitness challenges monthly/weekly. It’s open to all ladies, so here is the link if you care to join! (Beautiful-Strong-Fearless) We are focusing on abs and squats this month…. Ouch, but truly loving the burn!

The weather has been beautiful this past week. In the 70’s and bright and sunny. Each afternoon I am called upon to be the water boy for the kids mud pit. I trek back and forth with my buckets, dumping them into their pit as they splash trucks and rainboots through the goo. It’s made for some happy afternoons, super happy kids, and tons of muddy laundry.

Our days are full. Three kids are keeping me on my toes! I know this post was totally random, but I just wanted to say, yes we alive!  

Sunday, February 1, 2015


I know this is going to sound pathetic and totally un American. But my husband and I had no idea today was Super Bowl Sunday until the lady we were delivering firewood to, told us that yes, we could deliver the wood, but that she would be watching the game. I honestly didn’t even know who was playing until I got on facebook for a second and was blasted with everyone’s statuses about who they were cheering for.

This weekend has been busy. We have been selling firewood on the side and we had an order to deliver on Saturday afternoon. This past week was busy and Sebron wasn’t feeling well so the order got on our back burner so to speak. So, Saturday morning came, with 80% chance of rain and we didn’t have a single stick of wood chopped. Needles to say, we spent the entire morning with Sebron chopping and the kids and I stacking in the trailer. We had a cord to chop and if you don’t know what a cord of wood is, lets just say it’s a lot! It took us till about 1pm working like crazy people. As soon as we finished it started pouring down rain.

We had to cancel the delivery for yesterday and that’s why we were out there after Church, stacking wood, while everyone else was enjoying chips and dip.We don’t have a TV and we weren’t invited to a Super Bowl Party. I can think of three little reasons why…. But I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.
The kids are in bed and the weekend has seriously been one of those where you can think of 1000 things you need to accomplish or want to do but can’t because of the kids. As soon as I start something, someone has a poopy diaper, someone needs to be nursed, someone is fighting and needs correction or something has spilled and the list just goes on. And as soon as they are in bed and you finally are able to do something, all you want to do is sit around and do nothing. ; )
So, while y’all are enjoying football, I’m going to sit with my Man for awhile and then I’m going to bed.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Fearless. It’s my word for the year. I thought about doing the whole resolutions thing, but its just another to do list that I feel like discourages me at the end of the year on account that I didn’t get them all checked off. So, when I thought of a word, fearless kept jumping out at me.

I like to think I’m a brave person. Bold and daring. But the truth of the matter is, I’m not. Now granted I do have areas in my life where I am all those things, but I also deal with a lot of fear.
I have always struggled with the fear of failing. Failing in anything. Growing up I was 14 when I was diagnosed with a learning disability and processing disorder. School was hard for me and I felt like I failed in every subject in some way or another. I’ds ay the wrong thing at the wrong time. Athletics was an outlet. I had to be the fastest. I had to be the best. While other girls were talking about their scores on spelling tests and in biology, I was one of the first picked to be on the boy’s soccer or football teams at church. That fear of failing has kept me from doing things my entire life. I won’t try new things. What if I’m bad at it? I am terrified of stepping out of my comfort zone because it’s too dangerous. What if people see I can’t do it? I have to talk myself into going to parties at times because I worry the other ladies wont like me or I’ll say something stupid. Failure.

I have fear about our future. We’ve moved so many times. I have a hard time seeing us anywhere long term.

My husband is a dreamer. A visionary. He is always coming up with new and exciting ways to make a few extra dollars or how to get us to our goals. Where he sees them with excitement, I deal with fear of the unknown. My mind goes to all the ‘what if’s…’

Those are just examples. The list seems endless when I slow down and think about it. But not this year. I know the Lord has placed the word Fearless on my heart for a reason. I know He is wanting me to fully step out in faith to trust Him completely. Things might not go how I’ve planned, but we’ll be ok.

I want to try new things. I want to join Sebron in his dreaming instead of going to the negatives. I want to walk into a room of ladies and feel like I’m remarkable. I want to mother our precious children without fear of their future and the world they will grow up in. I want to be fearless in my walk with God. Fearless to ask Him to show me great things. Fearless to share the Truth with others.


 photo 2015-01-21
I saw this picture cross my facebook page today. I know  it wasn’t an accident.

I am going to be thankful for how the Lord created me, weaknesses, disability, failures and all.

I will be fearless.