Sunday, November 15, 2015

13 Months {Hayva Joy}

Hayva is definitely my wild and free child at the moment and has been taking full advantage of her new found independence. She is my earliest walker, taking steps before her first birthday. She is miss speedy when it comes to crawling, so she will drop to her knees when she feels like she’s falling behind.

She is determined to be headed off to college and still be surviving on her bottle and formula. Who needs solids anyway? Haha Poor little thing had a stomach bug last week which made me take her completely off milk products as her tummy wasn’t keeping anything down. I decided while we were at it, we might as well keep the bottle at a limited bases in order to force her to try eating different foods. Oh the screaming fits we’ve had. Her on the outside, me on the inside. I think finally it might be working. I basically make her eat something solid before she gets her bottle. I think she is figuring out that food also beats the hunger pains and she’s coming around.
Getting this child to sleep through the night is a constant battle. I had just gotten her sleeping till 5am when the stomach bug hit. Then we were up every hour throwing up and taking sips of apple juice, changing ruined pj’s and bed sheets…. So of course now we are over the bug but think we still need to get up 4+ times just to visit and get a snack. I am determined though to have her sleeping through the night before this little guy gets here.
I have made the baby gate at the base of the stairs a permanent feature. If one of the older kids forgets and leaves it open I can hear Hayva giggling as she flies up the stairs before we can catch her. Climbing is also a new favorite. She has figured out the kitchen chairs and although we’ve taken several topples off, we haven’t learned any lessons and just keep climbing.
She’s a wild, talkative, never stopping for air, hot mess. I love hearing her giggle and talk to herself as she goes about playing and looking for mischief. She knows how to open and get into all the kids art cabinets, so that’s been fun. Eating crayons is a favorite.

She wants to be a part of everything and doesn’t want to miss out on anything! Love her so much and I'm enjoying watching her personality coming out these days! Only three short months left as my littlest. Gotta soak it all up.

Friday, November 13, 2015

NC Trip (Nana & Opa's)

We arrived at my parents right in time for dinner- afterwards I had to rush off to have my bridesmaid dress altered because the wedding was only three days away and I was just barely squeezing into my dress! Whew! This was my first wedding as a pregnant bridesmaid and it was stressing me out whether or not I was going to fit in the dress!
Photo credit: Uncle Sam
Our time at Nana and Opa’s was busy and wonderful. The days before the wedding were busy with preparations and family coming in. The kids loved having their cousins come in and made full use of the back yard and the walking trail by the pond. We even fit in a little birthday party for Hayva with all the cousins before we all went off to the rehearsal dinner!
Photo credit: Uncle Same
It was fun to meet all the rest of the bridal party at the rehearsal! Names I’d heard but people I’d never met. My new brother in law went to the Hillsong College in Australia so there were several countries represented in the groomsmen! The pastor was from Australia, the best man from England and one of the groomsman from South Africa!
My crew with my Grammy.
Poor Joy got a migraine just as her rehearsal was beginning and ended up just making it to the dinner to tell everyone she was going home. I felt so bad for her but was glad she was able to get some rest before the big day tomorrow. Before she left, the pastor and the maid of honor gathered around her to say a prayer. They didn’t want to announce it or draw attention, but as the rest of the bridal party saw what was going on, everyone left their chairs and gathered around them. I couldn’t help but be thankful as I watched these friends come around my sister and soon to be brother in law and cover them in prayer. They have a strong support system and I was glad I got to see it!
This one makes me laugh....The Bride with her flower girls. The sun, the attitude.... 

The wedding was amazingly beautiful. It was small, intimate and so personal to Joy and Stephen. They had the ceremony in the woods and the family and friends sat on benches in the afternoon sunlight. It was amazing! The flowers and Joy’s decoration touches were incredible. We danced the night away and ate some of the best food I’ve ever had at any wedding! Haha
Bedtime stories with Opa.
The last few days after the wedding were spent eating left over wedding food and pie! I always enjoy my time with my siblings and catching up on life. I so enjoyed getting to know my soon to be sister in law better! She came over almost every day and we had a lot of good visits! Andie and Josiah are getting married in June next year!
Cousins! Photo credit: Uncle Mike

Sebron had another bad afternoon the day after the wedding with asthma attacks and my Dad and I ended up taking him to the ER that night. Thankfully, we were only there a few hours and they put him on some different medications. The rest of our trip we kept him pretty low and inside since it was pretty chilly for what we Texans were used to!

We made the trip back home in two days and quickly had to jump back into life here at the ranch. We are so thankful for everyone who made our trip possible and the memories that were made. *sigh….. until next time!

Friday, October 30, 2015

NC Trip (Grandpa's)

Our next stop was Grandpa’s farm in the foothills. It was already late when we got in but Jancsi was only too thrilled to be woken up when he heard about the tent waiting by the fire! I stayed inside with the girls that night while the guys had a blast camping out. Grandpa went out and got us breakfast the next morning and we all ate by the fire.
Early morning camp face.
Grandpa has an amazing tree house he built for Sebron when he was little and it provided hours of fun! The slide was a favorite and they are finally big enough to be able to go up the ladder by themselves and run around the balcony.
Grandpa had some molding clay and was working on some of his amazing pottery pieces. He cut out some extra clay for the kids and they spent a good hour that first morning building and shaping all sorts of creations while Grandpa worked on his piece and got to show them some of his special tools he uses.
Grandpa has two big old tonka dump trucks and they are the first thing the kids ask for when we get there. We spent many hours going from the rock pile to the dirt pile. They raced around the yard after each other ‘racing!’
Our visit was filled with walks across the farm, eating by the camp fire, s’mores, more friends and good food. We always play our hearts out whenever we are at the farm and this visit was no different! The Lord blessed us with incredible weather and we were able to be outside the entire time other then sleeping!
Our time with Grandpa ended all too soon and we had to get to my parents for a late night fitting of my bridesmaid dress! Jancsi was pretty upset about leaving and only the promise of Nana and Opa and cousins cheered him up!

NC Trip (Meme & Pop pop's)

We were supposed to leave for our big North Carolina trip a few days after Sebron got home from the hospital. Both his step brother and my sister were getting married. We decided to play it by ear on how we thought Seeb was doing and if he could handle the trip.
A day or two before we were to leave he seemed strong enough and we decided that he was going to take the time off anyway in order to get completely better so why not enjoy time in NC with family?! We decided to take our time on the drive down so as not to be too much on Sebron. We took two days to make the drive and those were actually his first good days.

Our first stop was Meme and Pop pop’s house in the mountains for Seeb’s step brother’s wedding. It was the first time this Fall we actually got to enjoy some cool Fall weather and the beautiful colors of the North Carolina mountains. Sebron and I were laughing because we kept thinking it was Thanksgiving! We’d left Texas in the 80’s and still green to get to a cool and colorful NC….so it must be Thanksgiving!
We had a wonderful visit family and even were able to sneak in some visits with friends. Pop pop raked up a pile of leaves and the kids were only to eager to jump in and cover up and just go crazy with! It was so fun watching them enjoy something so simple that I had always loved as a child. We just don’t have good leaves in Texas.
The wedding was gorgeous with the rain holding off for a beautiful outdoor farm wedding! DeAnna had done such a beautiful job with all the amazing little details. Wood signs, lights and lanterns were throughout the whole venue and the whole night was lovely.
Meme and Pop pop spoiled us as always with amazing food, good talks, and even a shopping trip to a local kids consignment shop where we had some good luck! It was wonderful visit and Sebron and I even got to escape to his old college town up in the mountains where we found a little coffee shop and enjoyed a coffee and hot cocoa!

Everyone was sad to leave but the thought of Grandpa waiting with a tent and bon fire at our next stop helped brighten the goodbyes. 

Life is a gift

The following was written back on October 3rd..... I have so much blogging to get caught up on and don’t want to leave things out.

I’d planned all week to write a 20 week pregnancy update with cute baby bump pictures…. But that wasn’t my week. I spent it running back and forth from the hospital after Sebron was admitted on Tuesday.

Let me back up… We had all had colds the week prier and Seeb just wasn’t able to shake his. With his asthma, most common colds end up going to his lungs, so I was worried he was working too much. He took a few days off and last Sunday he was feeling better. Monday he was bad again and we headed to the doctor. After 4 minutes he diagnosed him with bronchitis and put him on antibiotics. Even though we told him about Sebron’s asthma, the doctor didn’t take that into account and sent us home. (Talking to my Dad afterwards who is a doctor, he said Sebron should have been admitted at that point.)

Tuesday he started having bad asthmas attacks where he would cough so badly he would throw up and not be able to breathe. I kept asking him if we needed to go to an urgent care but he said he wanted to wait it out. He did the nebulizer and rescue inhaler off and on all day and seemed like he was doing better that afternoon.

Right before supper he had another attack and despite doing all his meds, he couldn’t seem to catch his breath. I’d been wanting to take him to urgent care all day but he insisted that he was fine. He was so light headed and weak I had to help him to a chair. He finally agreed to let me take him to the ER. I didn’t want him to change his mind, so I left him in his chair and started yelling for everyone to grab their boots. I grabbed the baby, some diapers and Hayva’s bottle and buckled everyone in. I helped Sebron to the car and as we pulled down the driveway he said he thought the medicine was kicking in, said he felt a bit better.

Looking back, I am so thankful we left when we did. That we didn’t just turn around when he thought he was better. If we had, I’m not sure he would have been conscious by the time we made it to the ER or that he would have made it at all.  God is big though and I felt that urge to go on to the hospital anyway.

It’s a good 30 minute drive to the closest hospital and as soon as I got off our gravel road Sebron started having a hard time again. He was coughing so fast and so hard he couldn’t breathe. In between the coughing he was left gasping. I sped up, passed a few cars and told him to keep breathing.

He was so weak he couldn’t even lift his rescue inhaler up to his mouth. He was gasping for air and I knew it was bad. It’s interesting how your brain works in emergency type situations. I was terrified, I literally thought I was watching him die, but on the other hand I felt strangely in control of the situation. I was telling him to slow down, to focus on breathing, that he was going to be ok. On the inside I was praying. I had it all planned out in my head- when he went unconscious how I would pull over and call 911. How I was going to get him out of the car so the kids couldn’t see. How I was going to do CPR. I was going over the numbers of chest compressions and breaths. 15-2. I was going over 90 miles an hour, passing every car I came to. I passed a cop headed in the opposite direction. I knew he was going to pull me over. I saw him turn around in my rearview and start chasing me. I didn’t slow down until he was right on my bumper with his lights on. I pulled over and opened my door screaming at him I was going to the emergency room. He stuck his head out and yelled “Hospital?” I was crying as I yelled “YES!” He waved me on and I was speeding off before he’d even gotten his head back in his window.

God was there the whole time. Helping Sebron breathe. Helping me drive. Keeping the kids quiet in the back.

When I pulled up at the door to the ER I jumped out and ran in yelling I needed help getting my husband out of the car. The emergency room was empty and I know that was the Lord. Nurses came running and the first one to the car was a friend from church. I started crying again when I saw her familiar face in that horrible moment. They took him right back and I ran out to get the kids. They hooked him up to oxygen and had IV’s and wires hooked up to him before I got back in. I called a friend and she came right over and picked up the kids. They did several breathing treatments and were doing steroids through his IV. When he was finally able to talk and breathe easier they ran an EKG and did a chest xray. He was admitted that night and when I left him to pick up the kids several hours later he was in a room and resting.

I felt encouraged that he was doing better. Everyone made it sound like he would be coming home in the morning.

One of his first walks down the hall! 
When we went in to see him the next day he seemed good. We had a short visit and left thinking I’d be back to pick him up in an hour or so. He texted me not 30 minutes later saying he’d had another bad spell and they were keeping him another night.

I was able to get a baby sitter that night and the next day and was free to go sit with him. Both visits were tough. It seemed like every time I was there, he was having another attack and we’d spend the visit doing breathing treatments, and trying to get him comfortable and breathing easier. It was scary and discouraging to see him go day after day with what seemed like little to no improvement. He was so sore from his lungs shutting down that first night he couldn’t stand any pressure on his lungs. Even sitting back against the bed was unbearable.

The days went by in a blur. Doing chores, keeping up with the kids, visiting Sebron…. His Mom flew in Friday and we brought him home shortly after. It was so wonderful to have him home with us but terrifying at the same time. There is something safe about a hospital. You have the medicines and people there if something goes wrong.
It's blurry, but he's home!
Those first days home were scary for me. Trying to keep him down and listening to him cough. Breathing treatments every few hours round the clock and worrying if we’d come home too soon. If he even talked too much it would send him into a coughing fit.

We are so incredibly thankful for everyone’s prayers through all of this. Friends have offered to feed animals, keep kids and do whatever. We are blessed. Life is precious and I’m so thankful my Beloved is still with me to walk this life. We have an appointment for allergy testing as well as a referral to an Asthma doctor to look into why his asthma has been worse this year. I am hopeful we will get some answers so we can better control his asthma and keep this from happening again in the future. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

11 Months {Hayva Joy}

Hayva is 11 months old (yesterday)! How is it my sweet girl will be turning one next month? Her little personality it bursting out the seems these days! She is everything mischievous, hilarious, spunky and feisty. She can play the shy card as well and will tuck her little face into my shoulder when someone she doesn’t know tries to make friends.
She loves pulling her blankie over her head and giggles to beat the band when anyone asks “where’s Hayva?” Another favorite is throwing the blanket over her face and crawling around the room bumping into things. Silly girl!
She is a hair puller. Like BAD! She takes complete pleasure in it and I’ve had to rescue the kids several times and pry her tiny hand out of their hair. Her version with me is wrapping her little arms around my neck as if she is being sweet and giving me a hug…then I feel her little fingers working their way through those tiny hairs right at the base of my pony tail. She’ll get a good fist full and go to town as she starts that deep laugh down in her belly. Little stinker!

She isn’t eating hardly any solids. She squishes and throws everything I give her and is sold on trying to survive off her bottle for the time being. If it doesn’t get thrown with disgust to the floor, then it is used as hair and clothing accessories.

She went through an awful stage of ripping off her diaper every chance she got. I had to keep pants on her ALL the time or that thing didn’t have a chance. One afternoon I forgot to replace her shorts after a diaper change and 15 minutes later I was walking through the living room and came across a large wet spot on the floor and not far from it sat Hayva, naked and swinging her diaper over and around her head while she belly laughed.

Another not so glamorous diaper incident was when I went up to find her at 5am, in her crib, diaperless, with diarrhea everywhere. Everywhere. (She was teething and had a few days of it.) She was very happily sitting in the middle of it all splashing her hands in the mess and then rubbing them on her belly. Lovely.  Thankfully after about a month of diaper ripping, she seems to have come to gripes with the fact that she’s got to wear the thing.

She has been having rare moments of cuddliness the last few weeks. She reaches her chubby arms around my neck and pulls me close with all her strength until our cheeks are squished together. She’ll giggle and then plant a big, wet, open mouth kiss on my eye. I love it!

She gets into everything. The toilet. Trash. Daddy’s rodeo magazines. The kid’s art work. My Bible. She rips, eats and destroys everything in her path hahaha! I’ve had all the windows open this past week and several of our screens must not be very good because I’ve caught her eating bugs on several occasions. 

She is loud and busy all the time. She will never just fall asleep on me when we are out if she’s exhausted. She squawks and climbers me like a wild monkey. Sunday mornings normally find me standing in the back of church. Bouncing, walking and basically being a human jungle gym. As I walk I pass at least two or three other moms with their kiddo (the same age as Hayva) sitting with their little ones all snuggled in sleeping. That is just not my child.

Hayva is giggly, all smiles all the time and just has an excitement about life that’s contagious. She literally bounces through her day and her bright blue eyes dance every time she catches me looking at her.

She and Laughter have a game where they crawl after each other through the downstairs of the house. I can’t seems to find a point to the game except their doesn’t seem to need a point. They just explode with laughter as they go round and round.

She has discovered my cookie cutter collection in one of my draws in the kitchen and unloading them all over the floor has provided hours of entertainment while I cook dinner and put away dishes. She takes great delight in pulling open the drawer, always glancing my way with that deep belly laugh like she wants to see if I’m going to let her get away with it. She’ll pull out each one, inspect it while talking to herself, sometimes she chews on one, before putting it on the floor and grabbing another.
She loves being hauled around while we do chores outside and feed animals. She has a love for all things critters and being a part of everything. She ads so much happy to our crew and each day we are thankful she is part of our family.

Happy 11 months Hayva Joy! 

Friday, September 11, 2015

Jancsi's New Boy

Soon after Hayva was born- like literally the week we brought her home, Jancsi began talking about ‘his new boy.’ Sebron and I were somewhat thrown off at first as we couldn’t figure out exactly what he was talking about. He would tell us stories of things he and his new boy would do together and things they would play. I remember sitting on the bed nursing Hayva (only days old) and Jancsi walking in, climbing up on the bed with me and he sat by me for awhile. Before he left, he leaned over and kissed my knee and said “This is for you to have a new boy!” It was then I started putting two and two together and realized this ‘new boy’ was a brother.

A week or so later, he drew a picture and told me it was for his new boy’s birthday. He asked me for a box to wrap it in. I had gotten a package in the mail the day before and told him he could have the box. I was running on no sleep, new baby and lots of diapers and didn’t think anything of it.
It wasn’t long after this that I started noticing things going missing. Pairs of Jancsi’s socks, underwear, his pj’s, certain toys, his toothbrush, and different items. I began to question Jancsi about it since I assumed he was misplacing them. He quickly informed me they were in his box for his new boy’s birthday.  Several times at bedtime he prayed for his new boy, asking God for a brother.

He would come up to Sebron and I and say “Well, my toy helicopter broke and I don’t want it any more so I gave it to my new boy because he will love it!” He had’t dropped it for the past 11 months and his box in his closet was getting out of control. As soon as he grew out of clothes- they went in the box. His pictures- went in the box. Broken toys and old boots- in the box.  

When we found out we were expecting, I couldn’t help but send up silent prayers to God that this little one would be a brother. I was so nervous going in for our big ultrasound. I knew whatever the Lord had for us would be perfect for our family, but I couldn’t help but hope it would be a boy. I told the tech to put the results in an envelope for me to take home. The rest of my doctors appointment seemed to take forever! As soon as I got in the car, I cheated and peeked! I had to be prepared to go home to Jancsi if it was another girl…. I let out giddy screams when I saw BOY printed across the picture!!

I could hardly wait to get home! I grabbed some blue party string on the way and we all had a string fight after Sebron and Daddy opened the envelope! There was much cheering and screaming!

Since finding out it has been so fun to talk with Jancsi about the things him and his brother will do together and the things he can teach him…Jancsi even shouted excitedly “I CAN SHARE MY ROOM AND MY BROTHER CAN HAVE A SLEEPOVER!”

We are so beyond excited and thankful for a healthy little guy on the way! God is so wonderfully good!