Wednesday, July 15, 2015

9 Months {Hayva Joy}

Miss Hayva seems to change each day as she is learning and doing new things. She is crawling everywhere, into everything and always seems to find the things she is not supposed to be into. She is loud, squirmy and the messiest little eater out of the three.

Miss Hayva is on the go from the second she wakes up. She is pulling up on everything and just the other day, I caught her up a few stairs.

She still just has the two teeth on the bottom and everything finds its way into her little mouth these days. She has turned out to be pretty rough and tumble and enjoys wrestling with Jancsi for a short amount of time. :)

Her bright blue eyes are holding onto their blue and that little smile gets me every time. I can't imagine life without this wild girl!

Love you sweet Hayva!

Friday, June 19, 2015

8 Months {Hayva Joy}

We are home from our trip and I will be posting more on that later. For now, I just have to catch you up on Miss Hayva Joy. She turned 8 months back on the 15th while we were away and this past month has been big for her.

She popped two teeth out our first day at the beach! Even now she likes to run her little tongue over them. So cute!

She is sitting unassisted, crawling and pulling up on things. Unlike her older siblings who army crawled for the longest time, Hayva popped up on those knees right off the bat! She is loving this new found ability to get into things- much to her big brother’s dismay. Another good reason for me to keep things picked up and the floors vacuumed. J She is pulling up on things and the other morning I found her up on her knees in her crib. She is pretty proud of herself.

We spent a lot of time in the pool at Nana and Opa’s and this girl loves the water! She was completely happy to hang out in whoever’s arms and splash with her little arms. She had a blast!

She is the messiest little eater I think I’ve ever seen. If there is anything going on while you are trying to feed her you can just forget about it. She is the most distracted little person.

Hayva loves to be outside and all the animals. She is a little chatter box and is always spitting or making little noises. She is our happiest baby and the squirmiest. Trying to dress her is like trying to put clothes on a wild animal, covered in butter, while trying to walk a tight rope. She is wild! Miss Hayva is hardly ever happy to just be still and has dumped several dinner plates into people’s laps while being help at the table.

She is so much fun right now and her little belly laugh is simply the best. Happy 8 months my love!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Rain. Fence. Rain.

I was finally able to post these from several weeks ago...
A small field turned pond just past our driveway.
The past couple of weeks we have spent every free minute working on the fence for the sheep. Sebron and I are famous for biting off more than we can chew and we decided to get the sheep before we had the fence up…Brilliant. We had a small working pen set up, but nothing permanent with grass. We kept them there for two weeks while we wormed and vaccinated them.

A sinkhole in one of the back pastures. Over 50 feet deep.
We’ve worked through all of Sebron’s lunch hours and as soon as the kids are in bed we head out and work until we can’t see any more. It’s frustrating when things don’t move along smoothly- Sebron has to work late, tools break, kids are crying, weather. It has rained for a solid week. We spent an hour one afternoon in the pouring rain moving the sheep to higher ground because they were literally swimming.

We finally finished the first field. It was a beautiful sight turning them out and seeing all those fluffy sheep enjoying the grass! I didn’t hear one peep out of them all day. We have two other areas to fence off before we are done. We are headed into another week of rain.
Building fence. Each post hole dug by hand and then set with quickcrete.

We are learning not to stress, to take things as they come. The fences will get built. We’ll get things done. Until then, it’s important to take breaks to jump on the trampoline with the kids, to make brownies and read a bedtime story.
Waiting on Seeb to bring more posts...

I’m enjoying this exciting time with my man as we try our hand at something new.
Behind the house. So much water.
I wrote that over a week ago although it feels like a month. We’ve had another solid week of rain. Rain like I’ve never seen here in Texas. We’ve had over 20 inches so far. People have been flooded out of their homes. Whole roads washed away.

We’ve had tornado warnings and watches every single day. My phone went off constantly with flood warnings. The kids slept down in our room most of the week. The storms have been bad but thankfully nothing serious where we are. We hid out under the stairs twice. I’m so thankful for the Lord’s protection.

These are full days. Animals, kids, fencing, cleaning and parenting take up every moment. I crawl into bed each night exhausted physically and mentally. My muck boots are my best friends these days.
Another sign on an old peice of barnwood.

One of my favorite things lately has been our bedtime ritual. We all pile on our bed and act out Bible stories. Our favorite is David and Goliath. Jancsi is always Goliath because he likes to dramatically fall on the bed. I’m David, Sebron is the Philistines and Lulu is the Israelites. So fun! Jancsi begs to do it over and over.

Nothing brings me greater joy than to see him excited about God’s Word!      

About time...

I know what the grandparents are thinking...about time for a blog post! lol I've been trying! I have three posts written and saved on my computer but our internet has been anything but friendly lately! I'll try to get them all posted and catch everyone up when my internet allows!
My laundry room is housing our newest batch of laying chicks. Jancsi wanted some blue eggs, so I picked up six Ameraucanas. They are still cute at just a week old, their chirping fills my kitchen with happy sounds that add to the crazy. The scorpions are back and I’ve had to start taking a flashlight with me when I go upstairs to feed the baby at night. I’m not going to lie… not looking forward to dealing with them this summer with a new crawling little one.
We have had over 20 inches of rain in the past two weeks with 8-12 more expected by the end of this week. Severe thunderstorms, flashfloods, sinkholes, tornado watches and warnings…It’s been a full, wet spring and I’m ready to say goodbye to the continual dark skies and hello to some sunshine.

When I'm not wrangling kids, sheep, chickens or building fence, I'm painting signs! Bringing several back to NC with us for different people!
We are officially in the egg selling business as our hens have started laying! The kids and I sold 7 dozen the other day while we were in town. I posted them on facebook and people met us at the library while we were there for story time.

We have the first of three pens built for the sheep. Seeb and I are working every spare minute in between the rain drops and sometimes in them to get the second fence up before our trip to North Carolina that is coming up. As long as the weather holds, we are out till after dark each night.

Our little flock comes running when they see me. They are all shedding right now and look a little bedraggled!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Glamorous Ranch Life

This past week has been somewhat of a low one. I try to be as transparent as possible on here,  so I want to document the lows just as much as the highs. I get messages all the time on facebook saying how glamorous and dreamy our life looks…the animals, the land, the culture that we are immersed in. I’m sure it does to the outsider looking in. Who doesn’t love cute baby calves and bottle feeding goats and collecting eggs right outside your door? It is dreamy- it’s our dream, and we are blessed to live it. But I can also say honestly that I know every farmer and rancher will tell you the same thing…it’s work. It’s not all sunshine and bunny kisses.

Last Wednesday just days after joining our family, our livestock guardian puppy, Hoss, was diagnosed with parvo. I was naively under the impression that once they had started puppy shots they were somewhat protected. Hoss came having already gotten his first round of shots which had included the parvo vaccine. He came with paperwork with the shots and dates he’d received them. I already had an appointment later in the week for him to get his next round. I took him in early because he wasn’t acting himself and something in me knew something was up.  He tested positive right away and our options were to take him home and try to keep his fluids up and hope for the best, or leave him at the vet for rigid IV treatments. We decided to try two days at the vet before taking him home. They gave him a 50% chance of making it.

I called the lady I’d gotten him from since the vet said he’d obviously contacted the disease at her place since he hadn’t been at ours long enough to show signs. She sounded surprised and had already sold the rest of the puppies. She said she would call the other buyers to let them know. I’m not sure she did that though because she never answered any of my texts or calls when I tried the next few days. I am not sure if she knew the puppies were sick or lied about the shots or if it was just an honest kick of nature.

Hoss spent three days at the vet before we picked him up. I was hoping to find him somewhat better, even a wag of the tail would have convinced me we might still have a chance. But he just looked at me with sad eyes and sat in a weak heap on my floorboards as I drove home. He was skinny since he hadn’t eaten in days. I made a nice spot for him on the back porch and kept his fluids up all that day by syringe. I got a few wags of the tail but not much. I wanted to keep fighting for him but it seemed like he was hurting at this point.

It got chilly that night so we brought him into the laundry room and I got up several times that night to give him meds and fluids. Twice I woke up and found he had jumped out of his box in the laundry room and found his way into our bedroom. He was lying by the bed.  It seemed like already at his young age he’d taken up his role as guardian strongly. It was like he knew we were there and wanted to be there with us. As much as I hated to, I put him back in the laundry room. He was having horrible diarrhea and I didn’t want it all over the house.  

I lay there in bed praying in the early hours of the morning. Asking the Lord to show us when it was time to stop fighting. If he was going to make it, make it obvious, and if not, show us. First thing in the morning I got up to give him his meds and found him stretched out and really struggling. He was completely limp and unresponsive. I started crying because I knew it was time. He was done fighting and was letting us know.

I’m forever thankful that Sebron is a stronger person than me. People say I’m tough, but I’m a blubbering mess when it comes to losing an animal we’ve fought so hard for. Sebron took him outside and put him down and the kids and I went out later to help bury him.

The next day Sebron came down with the stomach bug, and I followed shortly after. These last few days we’ve been surviving on ritz crackers and trying to parent while not getting too close… We’ve watched tons of Disney movies and taken turns feeding animals and kids. Feeding sheep and rabbits doesn’t sound so glamorous when you’re feeling rotten and puking does it?

So, we’ve gotten nothing done. The fence needs to be finished, the eggs need to be washed, we miss our puppy and all we’ve been able to do is sit around in our pj’s feeling blue.

Thankful for new mercies every morning, emails from friends at midnight when you’re up sick and can’t sleep, kids who have been awesome, being able to eat real food today! God is good all the time! 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

6 Months {Hayva Joy}

So I totally missed Hayva’s 6 month half birthday back on the 15th. Poor third child.

Miss Hayva is so full of smiles and literally grins from ear to ear. Her little blue eyes have kept their beautiful blue and are so sparkly!
Her hair is finally coming in and when she’s fresh from the bath it’s soft and fluffy on top. Her little bald spot is starting to fill in too.

I officially moved her to her room and crib upstairs this week and packed up the pack and play today. I was somewhat dreading her going upstairs… I always hang on to that worry the baby will need me and I wont hear her. Also because of her horrible sleep patterns, I was not looking forward to climbing the stairs all night. Thankfully, after a few nights of sleep training she has graduated to only getting up 4 times a night! This seems horrible, and there is still room for LOTS of improvement, but this is huge for us! I’m rejoicing!

We are eating more solids! She loves food but is SO stinkin’ distracted by her big brother and sister it is like a major act of congress to get the food in her mouth and not all over her. Even a decent meal has her covered with quit a bit of food. Those arms never stop waving and that little squirmy body never stops twisting to see what’s going on! Even Sebron says it’s exhausting!

Hayva loves to be outside and especially enjoys all the animals. I love watching her observe them. Her little legs get to kicking as she takes them all in.

She is happy to play on her tummy most of the day at this point. I’m working with her on sitting but that is not her favorite activity at this point! She isn’t showing any signs of crawling yet and just pushes up on her arms and then does the superman.

She was 15.5 pounds and 26.5 inches at her last appointment. She is wearing mostly 9 month clothes and even has some 12 month outfits she fits in comfortably. That little tushy is in a size 3 diaper!

Oh my goodness I cannot get enough of her! Happy 6 months baby girl! 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Nana & Opa's visit

We were so blessed to have my parents out for a week over Sebron’s birthday. Jancsi graciously gave up his bedroom during their stay and bunked in with Laughter (much to both their delight!).

We had amazing weather the entire visit which had us outside most of the time. I am not going to lie, I felt spoiled having two extra sets of eyes to keep up with the kids! Dad worked so hard putting together my chicken tractor and chicken house. He made them out of old pallets I’d picked up so his job was all the most difficult because he had to take them all apart. I’m so blessed with a Dad who loves us enough to come and work during his vacation. Nana and Opa came bringing birthday gifts for all our spring birthday babies and the kids were thrilled!

I really noticed a huge change in Laughter this visit. It was fun to see her calling my parents Nana and Opa and really interacting and having a relationship. It’s so hard when we live so far away from family. Jancsi went from seeing grandparents a few times a month (while we were in NC) to living here and seeing them twice a year. Laughter never had that opportunity to build a strong relationship like Jancsi did, so it has been so fun to see her really enjoying our visits with grandparents lately!

Mom spoiled me with clean laundry every day and amazing dinners! And, just like Meme, she stocked our pantry with wonderful goodies and special treats! Mom and Dad treated Sebron and I to our first kid free date since before Hayva was born! It was such a wonderful time to just get away, eat dinner and just be the two of us for a few hours. Opa had the magic touch and got Hayva to take a bottle and rocked her to sleep!

Our week went by all too quickly and long before we wanted to, we were dropping them off at the airport.