Wednesday, August 12, 2015


 A sweet family who goes to our church- and just happens to live on the same dirt road as us, called me up a few weeks ago. Their daughter is fighting cancer and wanted to give the kids her horse. She is no longer feeling up to riding and wanted the horse to go to a good home. We went over and met Darby and spent some time riding her with the kids.
Laughter was instantly in love and broke into tears when we had to go. We rode her a few times before telling them that we would take her. She is a smaller horse, I can ride her and she is just right for the kids. We have all enjoyed having her and look forward to the kids learning and growing in their riding and horse skills with her.
Lulu wakes up each day saying “I ride horsey. I pet her.” We are learning boundaries like not walking behind the horse and needing to have Mom and Dad with you when you go up to her etc. The other day I was getting kids out of the car and I’d put Laughter down and had turned back to get Jancsi. I put him down and there was Lou, she had crawled under the fence was just standing there petting Darby. Oh girl. I love how she loves animals, but she has no sense of fear or how they are unpredictable. Trying to put a healthy fear in her is a daily thing.
Last night, after kids were in bed and chores done, I saddled her up and we went riding. Down the driveway, through the ram's pasture and out with the bulls. We rode till dark. It was so relaxing and refreshing after the long day. As we rode through the fields, I could feel my stress melting away. Thank you Father for this moment of peace and quiet. 

I’m looking forward to all the adventures we are going to have with her! 

So done.

This has been one of those weeks were I have hit the wall. So. Many. Times. I’ve been done. So done. I’ve wanted to sell every last animal and just be done.

We picked up our ram on Saturday. He is huge. Like 200+lbs. They told me he is an aggressive breeder and gets the job done. Awesome. But we’re not ready to breed our ewes yet. We want to wait till November.

Saturday afternoon was spent moving all the animals around to new pastures and deworming the sheep. It was over 100 degrees and I didn’t get a nap. I know it sounds pathetic, but these days they get me through. We got everyone situated and moved waters around and got the ram in his own pen.
We woke up Sunday morning and our big guy had jumped fence and was in with the ewes. He was obviously courting one of them and she was only too obliging and flirtatious. Fabulous. We ran out to get him back in his own pen and quickly discovered he didn’t want to leave his ladies, nor did he have any intention of letting us get near him.

We ran after him (in our pajamas) and finally were able to rope him. He promptly sat down and refused to move. Trying to pick him up is like lifting a Shetland pony of dead weight. It’s just not happening. So, for another 30 minutes, Sebron pulled and I pushed. We finally got him to a new pasture, further away from the ewes. Only bad part is it’s over our driveway which means every time we go out or come in we have to open gates and rope him to keep him from getting out while we drive the car through. Let me just say, that when I’m trying to get somewhere and it’s 108 outside, I’m not too excited about chasing the ram down just so I can get through.

He got out again Sunday afternoon and came running down to the ladies….aggressive breeder…very true.

On top of this, the ewes are still dealing with parasites after we have treated and treated. It’s so frustrating.
Then there are the chickens. They’ve decided to stop laying in their boxes and lay their eggs wherever their little heart desires. This means at the end of a long day, when all I want to do is crawl into bed, I have to go on a major egg hunt. All the hens follow me around clucking and making their little noises. It’s like they are mocking me. I trudge through woods and briers looking everywhere and my hunt always comes up short. I’ve been finding maybe ¼ of the eggs. I had to BUY eggs the other week! I seriously have no idea where they are hiding those little blighters.

Sebron tried to encourage me that he heard on the news we were going to be getting a cool front…"like upper 90’s I think. They said like 97-99.”

Wow. So. Done. 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Hello, it's been awhile.

I have been silent on here for the most part this summer. Mostly due to lack of motivation to write. I have tried several times to sit down and actually get a post written, but I’m always interrupted or the actual ‘sitting down and writing’ part just don’t make it more than a thought.

We are excited to announce baby #4 is coming in February! Jancsi is SO excited and of course hoping for a brother! I am completely and utterly exhausted and this summer has been a test of my physical and mental strength. I’ve been feeling pretty crummy and that with three kiddos to keep up with- the youngest still being pretty little, I’ve not had energy for much extra.

I feel like when Mama suffers the whole family suffers…meals suffer….the house suffers… laundry suffers… you get the picture. It’s been a long summer and I’m not going to lie, I’m looking forward to cooler weather and more energy to get out and do fun things. 

Here's to (trying to) post more often!
One from early June while at the beach in NC.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

9 Months {Hayva Joy}

Miss Hayva seems to change each day as she is learning and doing new things. She is crawling everywhere, into everything and always seems to find the things she is not supposed to be into. She is loud, squirmy and the messiest little eater out of the three.

Miss Hayva is on the go from the second she wakes up. She is pulling up on everything and just the other day, I caught her up a few stairs.

She still just has the two teeth on the bottom and everything finds its way into her little mouth these days. She has turned out to be pretty rough and tumble and enjoys wrestling with Jancsi for a short amount of time. :)

Her bright blue eyes are holding onto their blue and that little smile gets me every time. I can't imagine life without this wild girl!

Love you sweet Hayva!

Friday, June 19, 2015

8 Months {Hayva Joy}

We are home from our trip and I will be posting more on that later. For now, I just have to catch you up on Miss Hayva Joy. She turned 8 months back on the 15th while we were away and this past month has been big for her.

She popped two teeth out our first day at the beach! Even now she likes to run her little tongue over them. So cute!

She is sitting unassisted, crawling and pulling up on things. Unlike her older siblings who army crawled for the longest time, Hayva popped up on those knees right off the bat! She is loving this new found ability to get into things- much to her big brother’s dismay. Another good reason for me to keep things picked up and the floors vacuumed. J She is pulling up on things and the other morning I found her up on her knees in her crib. She is pretty proud of herself.

We spent a lot of time in the pool at Nana and Opa’s and this girl loves the water! She was completely happy to hang out in whoever’s arms and splash with her little arms. She had a blast!

She is the messiest little eater I think I’ve ever seen. If there is anything going on while you are trying to feed her you can just forget about it. She is the most distracted little person.

Hayva loves to be outside and all the animals. She is a little chatter box and is always spitting or making little noises. She is our happiest baby and the squirmiest. Trying to dress her is like trying to put clothes on a wild animal, covered in butter, while trying to walk a tight rope. She is wild! Miss Hayva is hardly ever happy to just be still and has dumped several dinner plates into people’s laps while being help at the table.

She is so much fun right now and her little belly laugh is simply the best. Happy 8 months my love!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Rain. Fence. Rain.

I was finally able to post these from several weeks ago...
A small field turned pond just past our driveway.
The past couple of weeks we have spent every free minute working on the fence for the sheep. Sebron and I are famous for biting off more than we can chew and we decided to get the sheep before we had the fence up…Brilliant. We had a small working pen set up, but nothing permanent with grass. We kept them there for two weeks while we wormed and vaccinated them.

A sinkhole in one of the back pastures. Over 50 feet deep.
We’ve worked through all of Sebron’s lunch hours and as soon as the kids are in bed we head out and work until we can’t see any more. It’s frustrating when things don’t move along smoothly- Sebron has to work late, tools break, kids are crying, weather. It has rained for a solid week. We spent an hour one afternoon in the pouring rain moving the sheep to higher ground because they were literally swimming.

We finally finished the first field. It was a beautiful sight turning them out and seeing all those fluffy sheep enjoying the grass! I didn’t hear one peep out of them all day. We have two other areas to fence off before we are done. We are headed into another week of rain.
Building fence. Each post hole dug by hand and then set with quickcrete.

We are learning not to stress, to take things as they come. The fences will get built. We’ll get things done. Until then, it’s important to take breaks to jump on the trampoline with the kids, to make brownies and read a bedtime story.
Waiting on Seeb to bring more posts...

I’m enjoying this exciting time with my man as we try our hand at something new.
Behind the house. So much water.
I wrote that over a week ago although it feels like a month. We’ve had another solid week of rain. Rain like I’ve never seen here in Texas. We’ve had over 20 inches so far. People have been flooded out of their homes. Whole roads washed away.

We’ve had tornado warnings and watches every single day. My phone went off constantly with flood warnings. The kids slept down in our room most of the week. The storms have been bad but thankfully nothing serious where we are. We hid out under the stairs twice. I’m so thankful for the Lord’s protection.

These are full days. Animals, kids, fencing, cleaning and parenting take up every moment. I crawl into bed each night exhausted physically and mentally. My muck boots are my best friends these days.
Another sign on an old peice of barnwood.

One of my favorite things lately has been our bedtime ritual. We all pile on our bed and act out Bible stories. Our favorite is David and Goliath. Jancsi is always Goliath because he likes to dramatically fall on the bed. I’m David, Sebron is the Philistines and Lulu is the Israelites. So fun! Jancsi begs to do it over and over.

Nothing brings me greater joy than to see him excited about God’s Word!      

About time...

I know what the grandparents are thinking...about time for a blog post! lol I've been trying! I have three posts written and saved on my computer but our internet has been anything but friendly lately! I'll try to get them all posted and catch everyone up when my internet allows!
My laundry room is housing our newest batch of laying chicks. Jancsi wanted some blue eggs, so I picked up six Ameraucanas. They are still cute at just a week old, their chirping fills my kitchen with happy sounds that add to the crazy. The scorpions are back and I’ve had to start taking a flashlight with me when I go upstairs to feed the baby at night. I’m not going to lie… not looking forward to dealing with them this summer with a new crawling little one.
We have had over 20 inches of rain in the past two weeks with 8-12 more expected by the end of this week. Severe thunderstorms, flashfloods, sinkholes, tornado watches and warnings…It’s been a full, wet spring and I’m ready to say goodbye to the continual dark skies and hello to some sunshine.

When I'm not wrangling kids, sheep, chickens or building fence, I'm painting signs! Bringing several back to NC with us for different people!
We are officially in the egg selling business as our hens have started laying! The kids and I sold 7 dozen the other day while we were in town. I posted them on facebook and people met us at the library while we were there for story time.

We have the first of three pens built for the sheep. Seeb and I are working every spare minute in between the rain drops and sometimes in them to get the second fence up before our trip to North Carolina that is coming up. As long as the weather holds, we are out till after dark each night.

Our little flock comes running when they see me. They are all shedding right now and look a little bedraggled!