Saturday, October 25, 2014

Behind the Name [Hayva Joy]

Hayva (pronounced: Hay-va) Breath of life.

Her middle name, Joy, is after my baby sister.

This year has been so big for us as a family. We’ve grown together and been through some sticky stuff. With Sebron’s back injury and me going to work for him, moving twice, a job change, all being pregnant, we found ourselves going to the Lord like never before. 
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Breathe on me breath of God. The words to a worship song from my growing up years often rang across my mind and in my prayers. Sebron and I would often pray with each other when we would find ourselves exhausted and worn out. “Lord help us to speak life into one another. Into our children. Help us to choose joy in the difficult moments.”  It’s been our anthem this year: speak life.

The Lord was giving life to our family- I longed for the day our sweet baby would be in my arms. They bring with them such hope and joy.

Sebron and I were actually out on a date night when we heard the name Hayva for the first time. It struck both of us and later that night I googled it just for fun. Breath of life. Sebron and I just looked at each other. It didn’t take very long for us to know this was her name. 

Hayva is a Hebrew name, originally spelled Hava. (We changed the spelling in an attempt to make it easier for people to pronounce.)

Like I said before, Joy is for my baby sister. One of my dearest friends. We of course had our rocky points growing up- I was always jealous of her big feet. I was stuck in tiny shoe sizes and Joy was wearing nines by the time she was 9. And then of course she grew into her feet and became a gorgeous, tall model and I was, well, short. We got past our differences though (so thankful! =)) and she is one of my go to girls. She is a fireball for her Lord and Savior and has such a strong passion for children and hurting people. It’s true she is beautiful on the outside, but her heart is even more gorgeous. I pray one day our little Hayva Joy will follow in her Auntie’s footsteps and seek first the Kingdom and not be afraid to get her hands dirty for our Lord.

We are so incredibly thankful our little girly is here! 

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Miss Hayva Joy! She's here! 
 photo DSC_0240_zps1c07a711.jpg
 photo DSC_0248_zps7d1a68a5.jpg
October 15th, 2014
7:27 PM
8.1lbs 20in

She was eight days early and has us completely smitten! We are blessed. We are thankful. We are so thankful. Loving my party of five!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Crazy Walmart Lady

I was totally that Mom today. Let me start at the beginning…

My poor son since starting potty training has refused to poop in the potty. Down right refused. It wasn’t a big deal when we first started because I knew it would happen. He was still wearing diapers at night and would wait to go until then. Well a few days of this he refused to poop in his diapers as well. I thought well he’s always been a regular kid, he’ll eventually go. Four days later- nothing. Screaming and crying because his bottom hurt. We finally got him to go but then he went another three days… I have never talked about poop so much in my life as I have to my 3-year-old in the past month. He has gotten to the point where he is horribly constipated and it hurts so he just refuses. We have been to a doctor and have a game plan but it’s going to take a few days to get everything out of his system.

Anyway, back to today… I had a doctor’s appointment so me and the kids drive the hour down there and sit in the room for an hour because they are running behind. This puts us right at lunch time and both kids are antsy and complaining of being hungry. We finally finish up there and grab some lunch before heading the hour back… this has us right at nap time. But now we are at Walmart to do our big weekly shop. I’m exhausted and the kids are worn out from the long morning turned afternoon.

As soon as we get in Walmart Jancsi starts fussing because his bottom is hurting. I ask him if he’ll go potty. “No.” So we keep shopping. He continues to moan and groan saying “my bottom is hurting” not to quietly.

Laughter starts yelling loudly and I tell her several times we don’t do that in Walmart. She continues so she gets a small swat on the leg. You would have thought I’d bit her. The screams and tears that came out of my child were horrendous. She has just started this thing of throwing herself down on the floor when something doesn’t go her way and she will lie there screaming having a full blown out tantrum as long as you let her. We have never allowed this so I am really at a loss as to where this is coming from. My sweet girl starts throwing herself around in her seat in the shopping cart kicking and screaming as she hits the apple juice.

Jancsi keeps crying and moaning “mommy my bottom hurts.” I try reasoning with him over sister’s screams but he says he wont go potty. Laughter gets another talking to but continues to scream ridiculously. I’m half way through my list so I figure I’ll just plow through. They screamed and cried the entire rest of the trip.

I have never experienced anything so embarrassing and humbling. I found myself completely at a loss of how to parent in that moment with the stares from the other shoppers. I wanted to tell all of them “this has never happened before! My kids are good kids!” I knew they were all looking at my big belly thinking why in the world is that crazy lady reproducing AGAIN! I seriously wanted to grab my screaming children and never show my face again.

The check out line was long and then when it was finally my turn, true to Walmart fashion, the lady had to restock the bags on the little wheel thing…. She must have done them one at a time. I seriously could have rung up everyone’s groceries in the time it took her to put the bags on. Then if that wasn’t enough, their card reader wasn’t working and we had to go through everything twice and put the numbers in by hand. Nightmare.

Laughter screamed and made a show until we were out of the store and Jancsi’s bottom was miraculously healed as well. After all the groceries were loaded in the car and kids in their seats, I crawled into the driver’s seat and just sat there.

Here just this morning I was thinking I’ve got this whole parenting thing down and can totally handle a third. Oh how the mighty have fallen. I’m so thankful the Lord sees our shortcomings and doesn’t turn His back on us. He is always there for me to cry out to for help, strength and grace.

Lord give me wisdom as I navigate these waters and parent these Arrows you have blessed us with.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Laughter Grace (18 Months)

My littlest is growing up before my eyes these days and before I know it she wont be my baby any longer. I seriously love this age of exploring and discovery.

Laughter has totally taken to this whole independent thing and refuses to stay with me these days when on her own feet. She takes off in every opposite direction then the one I want her to go. She laughs and picks up speed when she sees us chasing her. Most of my time at church is spent running after her and bringing her back from the parking lot.

She has no fear and wants to ride horses and climb the fences where the bulls are. She is all over the playground when we go and tares down the biggest slides. I caught her yesterday climbing through a downstairs window that was open without a screen.

She tickles us as she rambles on all day to us in her babbled speech completely assured that we understand everything she is saying. She has few words at this age: dog, horse, cow, moo, Dada, baby, yeah, uh-oh, thank you, Amos (our dog), to name a few.

She totally understands more then I give her credit for and I can’t sneak anything passed her. She’s a fantastic eater right now and really isn’t all that picky. She’ll try everything at least once.

Jancsi is her rock star and idol as he goes about his antics. She follows him around with pure awe written all over her face. I love it. They fight and play and tease and several times a day I’ll walk in to find them piled in a heap together giggling. She likes to snuggle with him when they’re watching a movie. She lay herself across his legs and is perfectly content.
 photo DSCN5385_zps8a61f592.jpg
Hot kids. Where is Fall?
Laughter Grace is my itty bitty thing and still weighs in at just over 20lbs. She is in 9-12 month clothes and size 4 diapers. She is such an incredibly snuggler and likes nothing better then to climb up in our laps, tuck her little self into your shoulder and suck her thumb.

We lay on the bed together this afternoon- just the two of us. She kept pushing her head up against mine, as close as she could get. Thumb in her mouth and the other little hand fingering mine. “You know girly, it’s not going to be just us soon. There’s gonna be another little lady in this house.” “Yeah.” “You’re going to be such a great big sister.” “Yeah.” I let myself imagine us, years from now, curled up on the bed sharing life together and girl talk. Lord let us always have open communication. Let her always know how much I care and feel open to share what’s on her heart.
 photo DSCN5387_zps2ffc4005.jpg
Tractor time with Daddy!
Bed time is super easy and after prayers we just lie her down and I don’t hear a peep until morning. So thankful.

Laughter brings so much joy to our family and I cannot imagine life without her little self. Happy 18 months big girl! 

Friday, September 26, 2014

When I get big like my Daddy

....This is Janci’s opening statement for most everything these days. He wants to know all about what we did when we were little, what we liked and what we played. We are his heroes and my heart about bursts every time.
Our back yard view.
We have so much to do with just moving in to the new house and starting a new ranching position. So much to unpack and figure out. So much new and so much transition.

And yet I am craving the small things. Sharing hot coco with my littlest man while we read a library book. Trying on all her shoes and admiring them with my baby girl. Yes there are things that need to get done, but my kids are the most important. I’ve been reminded this week that there will always be things to do but my children’s spiritual and physical well being is the most important and should be the top priority.

I might not have everything where I want it when the new little one arrives, but taking time to read that Bible story at the breakfast table and taking a walk to see the new calves is more important then making sure I have the dish towels in just the right spot.
 photo DSCN5371_zps1bfbbb85.jpg
Good morning beautiful.
This week we’ve taken time to go into town to play at the little park and enjoy a morning walk. We’ve gone to story time at the library and gotten our little bag of new books. I’ve made it a point to just sit there on the floor and listen to my son’s never ending stories and questions about life. I’ve practiced words with Laughter and enjoyed lots of snuggles. They are my pride and joy and I cannot imagine anything better but to spend my days with them.

Laughter is saying new words these days and ‘baby’ is her newest. =) She walked up the other day saying “Baby?” Scooping her up in my arms she patted my tummy smiling. “Yes! Baby sister is in Mommy’s tummy.” Her little eyes looked into mine, “Ohhhhhhhhhh.” Love her. Everything you ask her you either get a shake of the head for no or a drawn out ‘yyyyyeah!’ I am obsessed with this age.
 photo DSCN5373_zps9dbc1ded.jpg
Playing a matching game with this guy.
Jancsi is full of questions and tall tales that he seems to pull out of nowhere. He has one liners for every situation and loves to quote little sayings from movies. He is trying so hard to be a little man but still needs his Mama close which I love. He has really taken this move in stride but has at times said he doesn’t want to live here at this new house and asks why we moved. He is inquisitive and loving, stubborn and giving; sensitive and yet a leader with a strong heart. He always smiles when I tell him even when one day he is big like his Daddy, he will still always be my baby.

These days are precious with my Littles. Thank you Lord for helping me realize the painting and unpacking can wait. 

Monday, September 22, 2014


 We're in the new house! Praising the Lord for sweet friends who came and moved us in and others who made dinners! Thankful.
 photo IMG_1904_zps3d6392e0.jpg
New House aka: Big Red
Dirty and happy.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Here we go...

It’s moving week! Sebron got home from his trip Monday night so it’s crunch time! Thankfully I was able to finish painting the dinning area in the kitchen while he was away- one less thing we’ll have to paint once we move in. Sebron is working on the finishing touches in the master bedroom and our landlords/new employers are finishing up the downstairs bathroom and master closet. The entire house is a construction zone with ladders and paint cans filling the living room and tools as thick as beach sand on the kitchen counters. We are planning on doing the big haul of furniture on Saturday and it will take Every. Single. Minute. till then just to clear everything out and finish the projects that we have going.

The kids and I have been going over everyday, putting faceplates back on outlets, taking up tape. Painting random doors and baseboards and whatever needs doing. Never a dull moment. We are down to the nitty gritty stuff and we spend hours doing teeny weenie projects that seem like you’re getting nothing done. Sebron can tell you, I don’t mind painting, but I like to get in and get it done. I hate the detail work…. The taping, the touch ups… urg so done.

I didn’t think we had enough going on, so while Sebron was gone I undertook potty training Jancsi….. Again. This is the 3rd or 4th attempt. We went two days with him holding everything until I put a diaper on at bedtime. I knew he was being stubborn and I know where he gets it from so he wasn’t prepared for the brick wall of stubborn that is his Mama. Finally on day 3 he peed in the potty and realized it wasn’t as bad as he was making it out to be. Since then we’ve been accident free and in big boy underwear! I’m proud of him and I think he is too.

I’m so ready for this little one to get here. I still have five weeks to go, but have just been feeling it this week. I think it’s all the extra moving work etc. I’ve been having bouts of feeling sick to my stomach out of the blue. Happens almost every day where I’ll be fine and all of a sudden I feel light headed and like I’m going to throw up. It’s an awful feeling and just part of the joy of pregnancy at this stage. =)

The kids are still getting over whatever this cold thing was. Poor Laughter got it the worst and on top of it I discovered a big molar popping through today. No wonder all the tears. They have been such great sports though entertaining themselves while I work and pack. So thankful for them.

I’m ready to be done painting and excited to make the big red house our home.