Saturday, April 5, 2014

Mr. Money Bags

Every where we go it seems like people are handing my son money. We went to eat at a restaurant one time and he literally walked out of there with $4 from four different people! Older people in Walmart will stop me and give him a quarter. One guy even handed over a gold coin. Jancsi has got to the point where he just thinks its normal. Like people owe him! lol The last time someone stopped him to hand him a quarter he just took it and slid it in his pocket and kept going. I had to call him back and remind him to say thank you! He has made a few dollars from loading chickens and odd jobs around the farm. But most of his riches have come from hand outs from complete strangers. 

So.... with his birthday coming up, every thing he sees, he wants, and tells me to get it for his birthday. This attitude has given us lots of opportunity to talk about what birthdays are about and that we don't get everything we want... Well he's had his eyes on this blue pair of rubber boots. "For my mud Mom!" So, Sebron and I told him that if he really wanted them then he could spend his money and buy them. The first time I mentioned this to him and I said the words 'your money' he lost his smile and just said "oh". But he quickly grew excited and has talked none stop about buying his boots with his money. 

So today was the day. We went into town and he had all those dollars tucked away in one of Daddy's old wallets. He ran into the store and we headed to the back where, two weeks earlier we'd seen this blue boots in the garden section. As we rounded the corner, there were the watering cans and the gloves....but no boots. I sent up a silent prayer that they would have a pair in my boy's size. After going through the aisles, I asked someone who worked there if they had any more. She looked it up on her little computer thing and said "Sorry they've been discontinued." Oh dear. How was I going to explain this to my little guy when he was so excited. I asked if they had any other rubber boots at all- anywhere. No. 

I knelt down and tried to explain this to Jancsi and he just folded his arms across his little chest. "But I was going to buy boots today." Even though the lady had said they weren't carrying any other boots, I still went through the shoe section to make sure. Nope. 

We had to pick up a few things for Laughter so we headed to the clothing area. As we pulled into the first row of girly clothes, there hanging from the rack was a bright pair of fireman rubber boots. You know, some mom had decided not to get them and didn't want to bother putting them back so she just hung them right there. I quickly glanced at the tag and they were just Jancsi's size! I pulled them off the t-shirt rack and showed them to him. He immediately lit up and LOVED them! Thank you Lord! 
 photo DSCN4988_zps9450dfd4.jpg
He was so excited to pay for them at the register. As soon as we got home he broke them in with all our mud puddles. =)


  1. Isn't it wonderful that our God cares about the "little" things?! When we ask, He answers… and He delights in giving us the desires of our hearts. What a blessing that is, to be able to take moments like this, and teach your little ones that God answers prayer :-D

    Oh, and those are some incredible rubber boots :-D