Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Lariat is ONE!

I’m breaking my blogging fast for my little guy’s 1st birthday! Lariat is one today and I find myself reliving his first hours and weeks. Such a year... 3 big hospital stays, most of his first 7 months he was on a nebulizer every day, NICU, surgery... I am beyond thankful for his health and that he is here with us. God is good!

Lariat is such a ham! He’s funny and when he gets you laughing, he will continue doing whatever it is he is doing that got you laughing and just eats up the attention! He is a thumb sucker, tried and true and I’ll be honest- I just love it. He’s a big snuggler and often times he’ll wake up early and whine until I bring him in bed with Sebron and I. He’ll flash us both that dimplely smile and then burrow down between us and is happy to cuddle until the rest of the house wakes up. I seriously can’t get enough.
In typical Jessup form, he’s still not walking, but gets around fast enough as it is. He will whip up the stairs too faster then I can blink if I don’t have the gate up and is proving to be quite a climber.
He has an endless appetite and would eat all day if I let him. Some favorites are sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, peas and apples. Oh and cheezits….can’t forget the cheezits!

Lariat is the typical baby of 4 and doesn’t let it bother him if he gets bumped or hit by a sibling. He tends to be pretty easy going and laid back (unless hungry). He easily entertains himself and I often have to go hunting for him because he’s crawled off to chew on some boots or to play in the toilet….. He’s into everything. J
He has brought so much laughter and joy into our home and we couldn’t love him any more then we do. Happy Birthday Lariat Brave!!

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  1. Welcome back from your blogging fast...you have been greatly missed. Happy Birthday, Lariat!