Monday, November 13, 2017

Jessup Ranch Soaps

It all started when I bought a bar of goat milk soap in the winter 2015. Sebron and I loved it! I was convinced I could make goat milk soap myself. Only if I had a goat.....
I researched dairy goats and pinned nearly every single pin there was on Pinterest having to do with soap making. I grew up raising dairy goats, and had always wanted to have another one. One day.
Well I got this soaping business in my head and I started playing with fire....aka looking up nanny goats for sale on craigslist. :)
I saw a listing for some doelings (baby females) and called about them. I thought getting a baby would give me time to continue researching as she grew before I bred her and started milking her. When I called however, the doelings had already sold. BUT he had a nanny due any day that he was wanting to sell. He quoted me price I knew I couldn't pass up. We drove down there that night to look at her and ended up bringing her home.
As usual, I jumped in before I had everything ready and set up. Story of my life.
The guy was right about her being due anyday! Two days after bringing her home, she had twins and I was in business!
I began gathering material and ingredients I needed for making soap. I tried my first batch in April 2016. It was a bust. So was the second and third. I was so descouraged and frustrated! Sebron kept encouraging me to press on and I'm so glad he did!
My next batch actually turned out! And Jessup Ranch Soaps was born!
It's been a year and a half and our little business has grown as we've learned more, expanded to facebook, Instagram and our website. We've gone to shows and met so many fantastic people and small businesses! 
I am beyond thankful for this gift to stay home with the kiddos and build my business at the same time! God has been so faithful to take this little dream of mine and to grow it into something wonderful!

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